Car tires, plastic waste, car parts were taken out from the Tara River ...

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Employees of the Durmitor National Park and representatives of the Association of raftters Triftar started a campaign to clean up the Tara river from various debris, and, according to the RTCG (Radio and Television of Montenegro), already in the first kilometers of the road they took car tires, all sorts of plastic waste, car parts and other trash.

This promotion will take place on the section along the Tara River from the Splavište site to Zugića luke, with a total length of 12 kilometers.

“The goal of our action is to clean the coast and the Tara river bed from debris. Human negligence and negligence towards nature is visible at every step - we have already removed plastic bags, plastic waste, car tires, as well as parts of vehicles from Tara, ”said Goran Lekovic, representative of the Association of Montenegro rafters.

The director of the Durmitor National Park, Tomo Pajović, said that this year a record number of rafting tours on the Tara River was recorded, namely more than 21,000 rafting, and he noted that many tourists notice and report that during the rafting on the raft on Tara they sometimes encounter various trash. “However, it should be noted that we regularly clean the river Tara and at the moment there is no danger in terms of its pollution,” he explained.

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