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During the first 13 days of November, the air temperature in Montenegro is unusually high for a given time of the year, and also on these days, record temperatures over the past 70 years were recorded. Yesterday, as in previous days, there were quite a lot of people on the streets, squares, parks and terraces of cafes in different cities of Montenegro ... Only some of them were seen in warm jackets, most were wearing shirts or sweatshirts, but also there were those who went for a walk T-shirts and shirts with short sleeves.

“The average maximum daily air temperature for the first 10 days of November was 6 degrees above the climatic norm of November. The average maximum daily air temperature during this period was 22.1 degrees Celsius and this is the hottest first decade of November in the last 70 years. Otherwise, this is a value that is five degrees above the norm of climate in the first decade of November, ”said Branko Mechev, head of the weather analysis and forecasting department at the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro. He also noted that on November 4 and 6, record air temperatures in Montenegro were recorded for November, namely the highest temperature was on November 4 and was 25.7 ° C, and on November 6 it was 23.3 ° C.

According to the statements of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, warm weather will be observed today, as well as according to their forecasts, from Thursday in different parts of the country a gradual temperature drop from five to seven degrees Celsius is expected.

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