Bad weather rages on the coast of Montenegro, objects under water ...

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Since yesterday, the weather in Montenegro has been raging with storms and winds, which literally flood roads and cause damage to coastal cities and settlements located in the south of the country. Torrential rains occur in various parts of the Bay of Kotor. A huge amount of precipitation, namely, 42 liters per square meter in one hour, which fell in the city of Herceg Novi, caused flooding of roads, canals and drains, as well as water penetrated into several buildings located on the coast. In addition, floods are observed on the streets of Kotor, Tivat, Dobrota and the village of Radanovichi, near the town of Budva.

In addition to the communal service Čistoće and the Municipal Police, in all the flooded areas of Montenegro special rescue services are constantly on duty, and it is worth noting that most of them work in two shifts.

"At the moment, the main rescue work is being carried out in Igalo and Sutorina, where water has penetrated into school premises and residential buildings, and Franca store, located near the village of Gomila, has been flooded, there are several rooms in the Herceg Novi city hall, three restaurants in Igalo", - the director of the Security and Rescue Service, Zlatko Ćirović, told Jadran radio.

Representatives of the communal police continue to work in the flooded areas of Montenegro, so all citizens can report damage or turn to them for help.

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