Montenegro and Albania should cooperate in the field of tourism, and not be competitors ...

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Montenegro and Albania, as the neighboring countries of the Balkan region, should cooperate in the field of tourism and jointly promote their offers on the world market, and not be competitors, said the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Pavel Radulović and the new Ambassador of Albania to Montenegro, Ridi Kurtezi.

The Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro reported that P. Radulovic and R. Kurtesi discussed further relations between Montenegro and Albania, as well as opportunities for deepening economic and cross-border cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

"The interlocutors agreed that cooperation in the field of tourism is crucial and that the countries of the Balkan region, including Montenegro and Albania, should jointly advance in the world market, and not be competitors," the statement said.

Also, Pavel Radulovich said that Skadar Lake and the National Park Prokletije are those areas in which there is a huge potential for tourism and they can be used to the maximum thanks to the close cooperation of two countries - Montenegro and Albania.

The meeting also discussed the latest agreements on the possible construction of small hydropower plants on the river Cievna in the Albanian part.

“The Ministry sent an official letter to the Albanian side requesting the submission of relevant documentation for the construction of hydropower plants in accordance with the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment,” the statement added. Reedy Kurtezi reported that the Albanian side respects this international agreement, initiated by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and will send the requested documentation to Montenegro.

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