Hotels and apartments in Kolasin are booked starting from the Catholic Christmas

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The town of Kolasin, which is located in the north of Montenegro and is one of the main winter ski resorts, seems to be fully prepared for the upcoming winter season and the New Year holidays. At the moment, almost all private houses, apartments and rooms in large hotels are being rented, starting with the Catholic Christmas.

The ski center Kolasin 1450, regardless of whether there will be enough snow this winter for lovers of winter ski sports and outdoor activities, is fully awaiting the new winter season, and the official opening of the ski resort, announced on December 1, is shifted to the middle of the month, on the pages of the Daily Newspapers.

According to the statements, guests from Albania will prevail in this winter season in the city of Kolasin, but until now only the snow remains in question, which according to the reports of Montenegrin meteorologists will fall only in late December.

As the director of the Tourist Organization Kolashin, Aleksandr Vlahović (Aleksandar Vlahović), said, active work is currently under way to prepare the entire region for the winter tourist season. Also this year, it is planned to present the tourist offer of Kolashin in the countries of the Balkan region, primarily in Tirana (Albania) and Dubrovnik (Croatia).

“In addition, in cooperation with the NTO Montenegro, we are planning various festive events on the occasion of the opening of the winter season in the Kolasin 1450 ski center with an extensive entertainment program, as well as the presence of numerous local and foreign media. Also, after several years of recess, we plan to open a bus line from the center of Kolasin to the ski resort of Kolasin 1450 at reasonable prices, which will certainly contribute to the greater attraction and satisfaction of all residents and guests of Montenegro who are planning a winter holiday in Kolasin. In cooperation with the NGO “Natura” and the Society of Friends of Kolashin, we are working on the creation of a new website, as well as a profile on social networks, ”said A. Vlahovic.

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