The water level in the river Moraca increased by 6.6 meters

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For two rather rainy periods, on November 20 and in the previous few days, in the capital of Montenegro, the city of Podgorica, about 230 liters of water per square meter fell, which is only 8 liters/sq.m. less than the total amount of precipitation for the whole of November.

Long torrential rains led to the fact that the water level in the river Moraca, flowing through Podgorica, rose by about 660 centimeters, and the water level in Skadar Lake rose by about 125 centimeters, the newspaper Pobeda writes.

The head of the weather analysis and forecasting department at the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, Branko Mechev, said that in the previous seven days the same amount of precipitation fell in the capital of Montenegro as in the whole of November.

On the website of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, it was announced that the water level in the Moraca River at 7:30 pm was 739 centimeters, which is an obvious increase in the amount of water compared to November 20 (before the first rain) when the depth of Moraca was only about 80 centimeters . Also, the height of the water level in Lake Skadar the day before yesterday was 165 centimeters, and on November 20 - only about 40 centimeters.

The effects of the showers can be seen on Labood Beach, located on the Moraca River, where the water flooded the beach and approached the Moracha kayaker club houses.

After heavy rains, the streets of Podgorica quickly dry out thanks to a strong northerly wind. According to Branko Mechev, strong wind gusts were recorded in the area of ​​the capital of Montenegro, which are now close to storm. “In some areas, wind gusts reach 20 meters per second, which is just over 70 kilometers per hour,” said B. Michev.

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