A green oasis in the heart of Budva: the transformation of the riverbed into a pedestrian zone

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The municipality of Budva plans to turn the Grđevica riverbed, passing through the city center, into a green pedestrian zone, which can change the face of today's Budva quite a lot and attract even more tourists.

The authorities of the city of Budva made this decision to green the city through the construction of a pedestrian zone over the city river, since, as they say, this oasis will bring economic prosperity to the city as a whole and to all owners of apartments and houses along the river Grđevica.

Yesterday, at the Budva Hotel, the leaders of the Budva Municipality and representatives of the Enform Bureau of Architecture (Enform) from Kotor held a press conference with a presentation of the project “Promenade Grđevica”, the essence of which is to bring something new to the rather urban city walking area with green oases.

The formation of the pedestrian zone above the river channel Grđevica, with a total length of 1.6 kilometers, is the basis of the master plan with a proposal to develop the entire river channel, which has a depth of one to three meters, divides the city of Budva vertically and leads right up to the embankment that runs along the Adriatic sea.

The head of the municipality of Budva, Dragan Krapovich, said that the project “Promenade Grđevica” is something that can really change the face of today's Budva. According to him, the municipality is ready to finance the initial stage of preparation already in 2019, and from 2020 this project can begin.

“Like many cities in the world, the city of Budva is in favor of free space, which is provided to citizens for daily use. For this reason, we came up with a project to reconstruct the channel of the Grževica River and turn it into a green pedestrian zone, ”said Nikol Novakovic, architect of the Kotor architectural bureau Enform.

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