Next season, the beaches in Montenegro will be outwardly the same - without advertising and colorful umbrellas

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Next summer season, beaches in Budva should have a unique and general appearance, which will not be burdened with advertisements and colorful sun loungers and parasols, which can now be found on various and even neighboring beaches. In the company Mediteran Advertising agree with the position of the organization JP Morsko dobro and are ready to remove advertising, so that from next summer even more beautiful view of the coast of the Adriatic Sea appeared before the residents and guests of Montenegro.

Thanks to the future Decree and in accordance with the three-year plan, new rules for renting beaches on the Montenegrin coast regarding advertising in the beach area will be introduced for tenants, said RTV Budva, Director of the Mediterranean Advertising Company (Mediteran reklame), Blazo Radzhenovic.

“From year to year we see an ugly picture of our beaches, where umbrellas, deck chairs and changing rooms are used for commercial purposes and serve as additional income for some tenants, but do not fully satisfy the needs of our tourists and citizens, as they photographs of beaches that they will take home from Budva, there is advertising everywhere, ”said B. Radzhenovic

“We were informed that JP Morsko, the managing company of Montenegro’s sea coast, will independently and tightly regulate this Regulation, so next summer season we will have the same type of Budva beaches - monochrome umbrellas, chaise lounges and changing rooms,” Blazo Radzhenovic added.

It is worth noting that this Decision on the use of advertising space in the Budva Municipality will be valid for the next three years.

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