Planes of Lufthansa Airlines start flying to Montenegro from spring

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The airline Lufthansa announced the opening of new airlines from Frankfurt and Munich (Germany) to Tivat (Montenegro). The first flights, as announced by representatives of the Lufthansa company, are already scheduled for next spring.

“Lufthansa and Montenegro Airports proudly report that for the first time in history the aircraft of this international airline will land at Tivat airport. From spring 2019, once a week, passengers of Lufthansa will have the opportunity to fly from Montenegro to the major cities of Germany - Frankfurt and Munich,” was announced by representatives of Montenegro Airports.

The first flight Tivat - Munich is scheduled for April 13, 2019, and the next day the first plane will be sent on the route Tivat - Frankfurt. Airbus A319 aircraft will be cruising on both flights.

“New air routes between Montenegro and Germany mark a historic moment for Lufthansa and we are proud to announce this. Since Montenegro is an important tourism market with great potential, Lufthansa has decided to launch new airlines that will connect the city of Tivat in Montenegro and two central cities in Germany, Frankfurt and Munich,” said Bernhard Vodl, general manager of Lufthansa Group in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

In turn, the Director of Montenegro Airports, Danilo Orlandich, said that the importance of the arrival of Lufthansa in Montenegro is immeasurable. “An influential and successful European airline, after lengthy negotiations, decided to open two airlines from Germany to Montenegro and we are all very proud of it. This agreement also speaks not only about the potential of our tourist destination, but also about the stability and security of Montenegro. I hope that this is only the beginning and that Lufthansa Airlines will open another air route for Montenegro,” said D. Orlandich.

Flight schedule:

TIVAT - MUNICH (every Saturday from 13/04/2019)

• LH 1733: TIV 09:55 - 11:50 MUC
• LH 1732: MUC 7:25 - 09:15 TIV

Distance: 531.31 km (461 366 nautical miles)
Aircraft type: Airbus A319

TIVAT - FRANKFURT (every Sunday from 04.14.2019)

• LH 1468: TIV 15:30 - 17:30 FRA
• LH 1469: FRA 18:20 - 20:30 TIV

Distance: 716.33 km (622,302 nautical miles)
Aircraft type: Airbus A319

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