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Danilovgrad is truly cultural and sports city of Montenegro, in which many famous cultural figures, artists, writers and poets, as well as outstanding athletes were born, so it is a great honor for us to live in it, said Deputy Mayor of Danilovgrad, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of city.

The celebration of the Day of Liberation of the city of Danilovgrad was marked by concerts of the Belgrade musical group Lexington and the musical group from Niksic (Montenegro) - Šobić tribute band.

In his speech, Aleksandar Pavichevich congratulated all fellow citizens on the holiday and said that the entertainment program was designed in such a way that “everyone will find their segment” in it, as the organizers prepared various events for both adults and children and teenagers. In addition, he announced that in the near future two large campaigns will begin in the city, thanks to which everyone who lives in Danilovgrad will be able to feel like the privileged inhabitants of Montenegro.

“The first big campaign is called“ One city, one scene ”, and the second is“ My city Danilovgrad ”. With the help of these campaigns, we will tell residents and visitors of the city that people who were born here and who have achieved great success in cultural, sports and many other spheres of life lived and live in Danilovgrad. Everyone who was born or lives in Danilovgrad has every reason to feel privileged, and our great desire is that all those who come to our city can get to know it better and understand that living in Danilovgrad is an honor and a real privilege, ”said A. Pavichevich.

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