Krasici: demolition of illegally constructed facilities on the “Lungo mare” embankment is renewed

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The demolition and removal of illegally constructed objects at the construction site of the future Lungo mare embankment in the town of Krasici continued with the destruction of the bearing wall and pool at the Adria Bau villa from Bar, according to the Tivat municipality.

"We still have a lot of work on the demolition of illegal buildings and garbage collection, but we believe that the contracting company Artek DOO, in accordance with the contract, will complete all the work within the agreed 90-day period," said Marko Petrichevich, a representative Municipality of Tivat and coordinator of the project for the construction of the embankment in Krasici.

Montenegrin building inspector, Vladan Juretich, has signed a dozen orders for the demolition of illegally constructed moorings, bridges and various supporting structures on the entire Lungo Mare embankment route, which were installed in the Bay of Kotor in the area of ​​Krasici in recent years. About 400 meters of the first line of the embankment "Lungo Mare" has more than 15 places where illegal coastal buildings will be removed.

The first stage of the construction of the Lungo Mare embankment, which will run along the coast of the Lustitsa peninsula in the Tivat Bay from the Krashichi area to the town of Petrovichi, began in November of this year. All demolition works of illegally constructed buildings and structures are jointly carried out by the municipality of Tivat and the company JP Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, and the investment of about 800 thousand euros should gradually solve the problem of illegal seizure of the coastal zone of the Krasici area.

The construction of the Lungo Mare embankment in Krasici will enable tourists and local residents to freely and safely move along the coast of bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

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