Montenegrin ski resorts to be open at the end of the month

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Savin Kuk and Javorovača ski resorts in the north of Montenegro are fully prepared for the winter season and will be put into operation in late December, when the first tourists and locals interested in skiing are expected to arrive in Zabljak downhill skiing or snowboarding, said Vanja Krgović Šarović, director of the local tourism organization (TO).

“Most of the preparatory work for the upcoming winter ski season in Zabljak has already been completed. First of all, I mean our ski centers Savin Kuk and Yavorovacha, ”said Vanya Krgovich Sharovic. She also noted that this year a lot has been modernized at these popular ski resorts, especially in Savin Kuk, where a new road from the town of Zabljak to the ski resort was laid, and a new modern parking lot was provided for all visitors. In addition, at present, on the territory of the Yavorovacha ski complex, a program is being developed for the youngest guests, who are the most numerous visitors of this ski resort.

Vanya Krgovich Sharovic said that in the fall the tourism organization Zabljak had done a lot of work in preparation for the winter tourist season, and this is primarily about advertising and marketing campaigns that were held in Montenegro, as well as at various tourism exhibitions and fairs in the Balkan region.

Ticket prices in the ski resort Savin Kuk: one-day ski pass will cost 12 euros, half-day ski passes and children under 14 years old - 8 euros, night ski passes - 6 euros. The two-day ski pass will cost 20 euros in February and March, the ski pass for ten days in January - 100 euros and 80 euros in February and March. A seven-day ski pass in January will cost 70 euros, and in February and March - 60 euros. The cost of a five-day ski pass is 50 euros, a seasonal one is 150 euros, and for the residents of Zabljak, a ski pass for the whole season will cost 100 euros. Children under 14 years old, the Montenegrin ski team and the mountain rescue service in Montenegro are provided with free skiing and snowboarding on the snowy slopes of the Savin Kuk ski resort.

The cost of tickets in the ski center Yavorovacha: a lift on the slopes for adults will cost 8 euros, and for children - 5 euros. A seven-day adult pass is 48 euros and 30 euros for children.

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