Montenegrin authorities are considering banning the use of plastic bags

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Every citizen of Montenegro annually uses on average from 400 to 600 plastic bags. In Montenegro, not a single package is disposed of since there is no plant for the processing plastic waste in the country, so most often used bags fall into nature. This is confirmed data that should be heeded, - said the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Pavle Radulovic, and stressed that Montenegro is in great danger if this global problem of collecting and recycling polyethylene waste is not solved soon. That is why the Montenegrin authorities are considering banning the use of plastic bags in the country.

For an ordinary resident of Montenegro, a day without plastic bags is unthinkable, especially when going to the grocery store. It is difficult to calculate whether buyers use less plastic bags after they have become paid, retail stores say. Citizens regard paid packages as a direct blow to their budget, and not as a contribution to environmental protection.

“A large number of customers who have negatively reacted to paid plastic bags are not used to this, so we have to give them small packages that are still being issued for free,” said the PR manager of the distribution network, Oliver Shushkavchevich. She also added that the problem is not only in plastic bags, but also in general in plastic waste, which we see at every step.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) Ziro vejst sent a petition for the cancellation of plastic bags in the territory of Montenegro to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. “Biodegradable plastic bags that are used in stores are currently very dangerous as they, when they are on the ground or water, break up into plastic microparticles and ultimately fall on our plates,” said a representative of the NGO Ziro vejst, Olga Sanzhina-Miranovi.

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