Winter tourist season in Zabljak is officially opened

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Today the winter tourist season has officially opened in the town of Zabljak, which is located in the north of Montenegro in the Durmitor National Park. The festive events on the occasion of the opening of the new ski season in Zabljak were organized by the National Tourism Organization (NTO) of Montenegro.

This year, the opening of the winter season in Zabljak “Ski opening” was attended by several hundred residents and guests of Montenegro, who really enjoyed the rich entertainment program, big discounts on services and free content.

In addition, to further attract all interested persons to the Savin Kuk ski center, this weekend the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro organized a free bus service from Podgorica to Zabljak and back. Due to this, many lovers of winter sports and recreation could come and enjoy skiing on the snow-covered ski slopes and various free services of the Savin Kuk ski resort.

From early morning, on the ski slopes, all visitors were entertained by DJ Mr Jolls and majorets, as well as guests were offered free drinks, cooking and tasting of a national dish - kachamak.

“This season, less traffic jams are expected on the territory of the Savin Kuk ski resort in Zabljak, as a new road infrastructure was built, namely, a new access road to the ski slopes and parking was arranged. All the necessary work on the restoration and arrangement of the ski slopes was fully completed and now the Savin Kuk ski resort has become even safer and safer,” said Zhelka Radak Kukavicic, director of the National Tourist Organization.

After the opening of the winter season in Zabljak, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro organizes a similar event in the city of Kolasin.

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