Montenegrin Prshut is a new protected product in Montenegro

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“Montenegrin prshut (dried pork ham)” is a new protected product in Montenegro, the Ministry of Agriculture of Montenegro reported.

“The natural environment, climatic conditions in the field of production, the long tradition of production and the good reputation of this product, which goes beyond the limits of not only the region of production, but also beyond the borders of Montenegro, are the basis for the protection of Montenegrin prshut as a special and authentic product. The influence of the geographic environment, the special climate, as well as the skill and ability of local residents to apply unique centuries-old recipes for prshut production, have impacted on the fact that Montenegrin prshut is especially valued not only among local consumers, but also numerous tourists coming to Montenegro from around the world. ” said in a statement.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Montenegro added that “Montenegrin Pršut” is produced within the borders of Old Montenegro, namely within the existing administrative borders of the municipalities of Cetinje, Niksic, Danilovgrad, Podgorica and Bar. The height at which prshut is made varies from 500 to 1500 meters above sea level. According to them, this region of production, thanks to the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar, is characterized by a temperate continental climate with a dry and warm summer and a moderately cold winter.

“According to the manufacturer’s specification (document that is the basis for product protection),“Montenegrin prshut” is a natural dry-cured product obtained from pork leg (ham) using dry salted and cold smoked products, as well as subjected to drying and ripening processes,” - said the Ministry.

The production process of Montenegrin prshut lasts at least one year. In addition to the modernization of production facilities, the use of traditional methods of prshut production without any other additives and spices other than sea salt, as well as the process of smoking pork ham by burning only beech wood, as a result leads to the fact that the resulting product has a characteristic and unique smell, texture and richness of taste.

“The new protected product is another step forward for Montenegro in the area of ​​quality policy, improving the situation of domestic producers and creating prerequisites for opening new jobs and more dynamic development of the local and the whole Montenegrin economy. Recall that in the past two years, four products received legal protection in Montenegro: Negushsky prshut, Plevlja cheese (fresh high-fat cow's milk cheese), Montenegrin beef prshut and Montenegrin stelja (dried in a special way lamb or goat meat). We are also awaiting the start of the procedure for the protection of Montenegrin honey and olive oil,” says a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture of Montenegro.

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