«Moto Santas» traditionally visit the Mladost orphanage in Bijela

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The traditional, the ninth in a row, humanitarian action "Moto Santas 2018" will be held this coming Saturday, on December 22, under which Montenegrin bikers dressed up in New Year's costumes will visit the Mladost orphanage located in the village of Bijela on the shores of the Bay of Koror, near the cities of Tivat and Herceg Novi.

The organizer of this event is the Association “No Limit Bikers” from Podgorica, as well as motorcyclists from all over Montenegro, representing the MC Cruiser, Herceg Novi, will take part in the action.

In cooperation with motorcycle clubs and motorists from all over Montenegro, the organizers of the Moto Santa Clauses campaign decided that this year, during the New Year and Christmas holidays, they will visit children deprived of parental love and being in orphanages, said Marko Radulovic of the Association "Motorcyclists without borders." In addition to the sweet New Year's gifts, in coordination with the city administration, this time various clothes and shoes for babies will be delivered.

“Thanks to the financial contributions of bikers and motorcycle clubs from all over Montenegro, as well as numerous sponsorship donations, in coordination with the leadership of the Mladost Children's Home, we will bring valuable gifts to the children. In addition to holiday sets with sweets and toys, this year we will give our children winter outerwear, warm clothes and pajamas, sweatshirts, sneakers, boots, fur headphones and the like. However, the gifts themselves are not the most important. Our main goal is to visit an orphanage in front of the happiest and most desirable holiday for all people and to please those children who cannot celebrate New Year with their families, as well as give them maximum attention, care and love,” - said M. Radulovich .

“Last year, more than 200 motorcycles took part in the charity moto marathon, and I believe that there will be more of them this year. This year, the event will be attended by motorcycle clubs from all over Montenegro: “Family” and “Titograd” from Podgorica, “Night Wolves”, “Falcons” and “Knights” from Beranje, “Bar” and “Mocnici” from Bar, “Pirates” from Ulcinj, “Poseidon” from Budva, “Lions” from Kotor, “Sharks” from Tivat, “Independent” and “Cruiser” from Herceg Novi. The motoparade will start at 10:00 am from the Delta City shopping center in Podgorica, the motorcyclists from Bar, Ulcinj and Sutomore will join us at the crossroads of Petrovac, the motorists from Budva on Jaz, and the bikers from Kotor and Tivat at the ferry terminal Lepetani- Kamenari. Motorcyclists from Herceg Novi will be waiting for us in Kamenari, from where we will go to Igalo. Arrival at the Mladost Orphanage is scheduled for 12:30 pm,” said Marco Radulovic, noting that they are already thinking about the 10th anniversary of Moto Moto Frosts, which will be held in Montenegro next year.

After the delivery of gifts and various entertainment, motorcyclists with children will go to the restaurant “Picadilly” in Bijela, where a festive dinner will be organized for all participants of the action “Moto Santas 2018”.

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