The winter season in the Vucje ski center near the town of Niksic is officially opened

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After the winter season officially opened in Zabljak last weekend, the winter tourist season was also officially opened yesterday at the Vucje ski center, which is located in the north of Montenegro near the town of Niksic.

The mayor of Niksic, Veselin Grbovic, said that this year for the first time, on the opening day of the winter tourist season in the Vucje ski center, snow lies both in the complex and on the slopes of the Vucje mountain.

“The presence of snow on this day tells me that the winter season in Vucje should be good and I hope that this ski center will work at full capacity not only for the New Year and the New Year holidays, but also throughout the season” - said V. Grbovich, adding that it is necessary to do everything possible so that the Vuchie ski resort worked during the whole season.

The director of the NTO of Montenegro, Zhelka Radak Kukavicic, reported that now there is snow in all the ski centers of Montenegro, there is excellent weather and all the conditions for comfortable skiing and snowboarding are created. In addition, the National Tourism Organization (NTO) of Montenegro announced that at the weekend the winter tourist season will also open in Kolasin, in the ski centers Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600.

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