Christians celebrate Christmas on the Gregorian calendar today

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On the night of December 24-25, the majority of Christian churches that adopted the calendar according to the Gregorian one in the early 20s of the 20th century celebrate the most joyful and one of the main Christian holidays - the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The great feast of the Nativity of Christ is celebrated on this day by millions of Christians around the world, including not only Catholics, but also Protestants living according to the Gregorian calendar, as well as 11 out of 15 Local Orthodox churches of the world that follow the new calendar of the Gregorian until 2800 . The remaining 4 Orthodox churches: the Russian, Serbian, Jerusalem and Georgian Churches, as well as the monasteries of Athos, celebrate the Nativity of Christ according to the Julian calendar, namely thirteen days later - on January 7.

Today, senior government officials and heads of political parties in Montenegro have sent Christmas greeting cards to their respective churches located in the country. The President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, congratulated the Blessed Archbishop Rok Đonlešaju on Merry Christmas, the Kotor bishop Ilija Janjić and all Montenegrin residents and guests celebrating this great Christian holiday according to the Gregorian calendar - December 25, and wished to hold this day with family and friends, as well as peace, love and well-being.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, congratulated all believers and ministers of the Catholic churches in Montenegro on Christmas and wished Christmas to raise the level of human virtues and spiritual values ​​to the highest values ​​to which we aspire.

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