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One may endlessly enjoy the beauty of the National Park with a mysterious name "Durmitor"! Here one wishes to breathe in continually the freshness of the North, enjoy panoramic views of the Durmitor authentic villages, picturesque mountain pastures and glacial lakes. And here there is an irresistible urge to conquer the mountain tops.

Bobotov Kuk is one of these peaks of the mountain massif Durmitor, which is located in the heart of the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. This peak has a strange, but euphonic name and, as they say, is the highest mountain peak in the Republic of Montenegro.

However, according to a recent aerial photography, in Montenegro there are higher mountains - in the mountain range Prokletije on the border with Albania. This fact is not particularly advertised as geographically Bobotov Kuk is located in the center of Durmitor in Montenegro, and is much better suited for the role of a tourist Mecca. Why Prokletije? First of all, this massif belongs not only to Montenegro, but also to Serbia (Kosovo), Macedonia and Albania (where are the highest peaks of the massif). It is also important that, historically, the Montenegrin population in the area is represented in the minority. The combination of these factors led to the fact that tourists in this region are not seen.

The height of the peak is 2523 meters above sea level and is one of the 48 peaks with heights of more than 2,000 meters, located in the mountain massif Durmitor. In clear weather, you can see the mountain Lovcen from the top, located in the eponymous national park almost at the other end of the country on the Adriatic coast, as well as mountains Kopaonik and Tara in Serbia. All Dinaric Alps, including Bobotov Kuk, extends 650 km from north-west to south-east across the Balkan Peninsula. The western wall of the top of Bobotov Kuk is the coolest and together with neighboring peaks forms a powerful natural amphitheater. To the west of the wall lies Shkrka valley and lake Veliko Shkrchko (Veliko Škrčko jezero) and Little Shkrchko (Malo Škrčko jezero). The southern and eastern walls go to the rocky valleys Dinaric. Eastern and northern wall along form the top of the compact pyramid, which is partially covered with snow all year round.

Up to the top of Mount Bobotov Kuk four basic and affordable tourist trekking routes are laid and before to conquer the peak, read information about them carefully, and choose for themselves the most appropriate.

Lifehack: all paths are carefully marked with red rings with white core - the main thing is to look around carefully. All difficult areas are equipped with safety rope. And the most important, be vigilant and watch you step, not to stumble and fly down on the running rocks. 
all paths are carefully marked with red rings with white core - the main thing is to look around carefully
The most popular of these routes starts from Black Lake near the town of Zabljak and takes approximately 5-6 hours one way (depending on your physical condition and how often you stop to take pictures). In addition, from the Black Lake, there is a trail to the most unique attractions in the region - the mysterious icy cave. Its uniqueness lies in the unusual composition of stalactites and stalagmites - they consist entirely of pure ice. Links to the track and hiking uphill.

The second route is the easiest and shortest one - only 3.5 hours one way with a height difference between the peak and pass just 616 meters! It begins from the pass Sedlo pass - the highest "automobile" pass in Montenegro, located at an altitude of 1907 m, we will tell about it later.

It is also possible to get to the top from the village Dobri Do and from Shkrka Valley (Škrka). Seasoned travelers are advised to combine a combined route - at 5 am to leave the car in the parking lot near the Black Lake, then take a taxi to get to the Sedlo pass (it costs about 20-25 euros) and start the ascent from this point, and after a visit of the top, go down to Zabljak. This route takes about 9 hours.

Thus, mountain hiking trail on Bobotov Kuk from the pass Sedlo (1907 m) starts from the car park at the top of the pass and payment of 3 euros for entrance to the Durmitor National Park.
Горный пешеходный маршрут на Боботов Кук в Черногории начинается с перевала Sedlo.
On the way to the top you can admire the rugged mountains with stripes peaks Šareni Pasovi (2248 m) and Štit (2236 m). Then, after passing the pass Uvita Greda (2199 m), surpassing the fascinating rocky peaks demonic rock amphitheater Zupci (2309 m), the road leads out to a mountain lake Zeleni Vir (2028 meters), or more precisely to the "puddle" that is left of it... In the summer the lake of glacial origin is dry - and from 80-meter reservoir supplied by the mountain springs, lefe only a small green lens. Such glacial lakes are called "mountain eyes", because the water is extremely clean and quiet. Water from the lake is suitable for replenishment of stocks of liquid before further ascent.

From Lake Zeleni Vir already begins a steep climb to the pass Velika Privija (2351 m), over which, like a giant boulder, Bobotov Kuk rises. This is an intersection of two routes: from Sedlo Pass and from the Black Lake, which is located near Zabljak. Further along the road, herds of sheep and Katun - houses of shepherds periodically come across, where you can buy homemade cheese and milk. 
Катуны - домики пастухов, в которых можно купить домашний сыр и молоко.
 "All along the way, "Pyramid" of stones - the so-called rooks are preriodically met.
Historically, they were built to guide climbers on the route, but today most of the tourists in a way mark its presence on the mountain. Now someone is building their pyramids, and someone came by and simply puts a stone in the already built one".

From the pass, many think that the peak of the mountain is already reached, but it is not so. Up to this point all the obstacles on the route may seem as a cakewalk, as only now a real mountain ascent begins - sometimes even have to climb the vertical sections with rope cables, and sometimes walk along the steep cliffs... And constantly slipping stones from under the feet will keep you in suspense. Do not do any awkward movements here – once fallen down, you can get serious injuries. Concluding segments of ascent will tickle your nerves and make to feel like a real climber – you have to creep up even on your hands. It’s better not to look down... But all this grows dim and fear evaporates once you get to the top.

And here it is - the highest point of Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk! Feelings are incredible, views are amazing and stunning! According to the guides, under the good weather, the entire Montenegro is seen from Bobotov Kuk. Of course, such towns as Tivat, Budva and Kotor are not seen, but you can watch the high mountains of the National Park Lovcen, Prokletije mountain, fantastic valleys, dense forests and canyons of unimaginable beauty! But not everyone is destined to catch such weather...

Lifehack: on top there is a metal box and every "conqueror of this peak" may leave a mark in the journal of ascents about one’s small feat.
На вершине Боботов Кук установлен железный ящик и каждый "покоритель этой вершины" может оставить в журнале восхождений отметку о своем маленьком подвиге.
The way back is not easier than ascenting and eventually the entire walk back and forth takes from three to seven hours depending on the selected route, preparation and speed.

Walking through the narrow, winding paths surrounded by fantastic landscapes, is an unprecedented delight for every traveler. And while many routes are pretty durable, but still they are passed, as a rule, in one shot. Landscapes changes around so rapidly, that travelers, enjoying the great views, breathing in pure mountain air and photographing the vast mountain landscapes and majestic mountains, without noticing the flow of time. Each new stone field, each pass brings a whole new landscape, flora and ancient forests will amaze you with its diversity. In addition, there are more than a thousand species of plants, some of which came down to us from prehistoric times.

Lifehack: to make the ascent to Bobotov Kuk is best between June and October. In other months the trip will be complicated by snow and biting cold. If you decide to go to the top on snow, and how hot you are, never unbare any part of the body in the snowy mountains, and always bring your sunscreen creams! Bright sunlight reflected from the snow, which multiplies the effect of rays and thus speed up the burning process.

The history of climbing on Bobotov Kuk.

The first ascent to the peak was committed in 1883, by an Austrian cartographer Oscar Baumann. The first winter ascent was officially registered in 1931. In 1933, a group of Slovenian climbers made the ascent by the southern wall. Since then, the mountain has been thoroughly explored by climbers and tourists. However, for the first group Bobotov Kuk is out of interest - the complexity of the route for athletes is, frankly speaking, childish. But for the ordinary tourist - it's a great opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature of the Dinaric Alps.

In conclusion, we note that under favorable weather conditions, rising to the peak Bobotov Kuk will be mastered by everyone - on the trail in addition to experienced hikers there are also teenagers, and senior citizens occur. As for equipment, a membrane jacket and pants, thermal underwear, gloves, trekking boots or good reliable and tight sports shoes, sticks, sunglasses, sunscreen, a knife, a flashlight, a lighter (if it comes to make a fire) are nececcary. With such a set of equipment, you will feel warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. And most important, take a supply of water (at least 1.5 liters per person) and provisions.

Of course, for experienced climbers, this route may seem too simple, but novice hikers in the mountains will be delighted.

Climb to the top of Mount Bobotov Kuk is a fascinating mountain adventure in the heart of Montenegro, which may be fulfilled by many travelers.

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