St. Nicholas Island

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The island of St. Nicholas (Ostrvo Sveti Nikola).

St. Nicholas Island is located in the Adriatic Sea just a kilometer away from Slovenska beach in Budva. This is mainly uninhabited piece of land is very well seen from any point of the coast of Budva Riviera. The length of the island of St. Nicholas is 2 km, area - 47 hectares. Entrance to the island is free.

Locals call the beaches on this island - Hawaii (PlažaHawaii).
It is not clear why Hawaii because the beaches there are quite unlike Hawaiian - they are rocky and pebbly. There are rocks and pebbles even in the water near the shore, so it would be difficult to walk in the area or go into the water without special shoes. And yet, in Montenegro there are several stories of the origin of the name of the island. Someone says that it was named due to the sea water around the island as the color of it is like on posters of tropical paradise. Someone says that there is an ancient church with the same name on the island, that was named after it. Some explain everything much easier and supposedly Island is called so because of the restaurant of the same name on the beach ...
Sail to the island and choose which of the stories is most suitable for you. And maybe you will have your own idea about the origin of the name "Hawaii" ...

If you look thoroughly at the map, you'll find that the island of St. Nicholas is connected with Budva by a small and narrow isthmus, which at low tide is at a depth of about half a meter. At that very time, many courageous tourists and locals try to pass this track to the island as the Savior, who walked on water. Of course, it looks amazing, fabulous and fascinating.
Many stories and legends are also associated with this isthmus ... One of them is such. Once there was a violent storm, and Saint Sava could not get to the galley, leaving for Mount Athos. Holy threw a few rocks in the sea, because of this, a miracle-isthmus appeared and he was able to reach the vessel.

This is not the only way to reach the island. There are others, though not so extravagant ways. In the tourist season to get to the island of St. Nicholas one can from Slovenska Beach in Budva or from the Old Town of Budva. Every half-hour or an hour different boats, ferries and cutters go to the island. Tickets can be purchased on the beach at the cashier, on the pier or at the boat driver.

Lifehack: you have to be very careful when buying tickets! There are proposals to go for 3 euros there and back - is a very good option. It will only be necessary to save the ticket and on the way back take a boat of the same company (name of the company is on the ticket and the boat leaves the same place, where it gets it). But there are enterprising people, who may sell you a single ticket for the same price. This nuance has to be checked up at the spot.

The very trip to the island is also quite interesting, while swimming you can see many interesting things, so be sure to prepare a camera. Amazing sea expanses, views of coastal towns and villages - Petrovac, Przno; beaches - Becici, Mogren, Kamenovo; to the right can be seen the Old Town of Budva and its high stone wall with a belfry; to the left - the island of St. Stephen; there are majestic mountains from all quarters, and ahead, in all its glory, appears St. Nicholas Island.

And here you are. Boulders as if escaped from the water infinity, impress with their size and bizarre shapes. Dense vegetation contributes to inhabit of many birds and animals. This is a place for those who want to be away from civilization, enjoy the wildlife and escape awhile from the vanity of our time.
The island has four bays for swimming. There you can rent 2 sunbeds + umbrella for the whole day for 10 € or 15 € depending on where in the bay you will lie. You can sunbathe on a towel completely free if, of course, you will be able to find a place and lie on the rocks ... Also there are some rocks from which most fearless jump into the sea.
There is a cafe and a beach bar, where you can dine or quench your thirst. Prices at the restaurant are two times higher than in Budva. If you plan to be on the island all day long and want to save money, take food and water with you from Budva. There is definitely one toilet on the territory of a cafe, its price is € 0.5, but visitors of the café can use it for free.

Pass to the main rocky part is fenced and there are no trails to be seen. The lighthouse on the other side of the island is visible on the map, but there is no pass to it. So, the only entertainment is lying on the beach, swimming or climbing on one of three rocks which is not fenced. 
There are no playgrounds, entertainment of water amusement there.

Lifehack: what is to bring to the island?

- Special shoes to walk on stones (available almost everywhere);
- Sunscreens;
- Towel, hat;
- If you do not rent sun-loungers and umbrellas, take dense mat and umbrella correspondingly;
- Drinking water;
- If you go for the whole day (economical variant), bring along something to snack;
- Mask / goggles, snorkel, fins and so on for swimming;
- rubber rings or sleeves, as well as toys for children.

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