Cocktail Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon

50ml Vodka
25ml Blue Curacao liqueur
25ml fresh lemon juice
100ml soda-water

The history of the cocktail was started by an American bartender Andy MakElhon in the beginning of 1960's. Right that time European market was flooded with Blue Curacao liqueur, which adds the cocktail an amazing color. The drink won all hearts of millions, as well as the film of the same name. However the cocktail was named not after the film, but after Icelandic Thermal Resort. The bartender was so charmed with its beauty, so he gave the cocktail its name without a moment's hesitation.


According to another version, Blue Lagoon cocktail was created in Haiti by the painter Paul Gauguin. He could not take Absinthe for medical reasons. So the Frenchman has been mixing different types of alcohol drinks until he got a perfectly bright blue variant. But this legend did not find support.

Thanks to its quality to quench one's thirst and renovate the system, the cocktail will be a perfect and essential component of any hot and broiling day. In addition, the cocktail has an amazing sweet aroma, it increases tonus level of every cell of the body. Besides this cocktail is delight for the eye thanks to its sky blue color. The time of cooking is less than 5 minutes.


How to make Blue Lagoon cocktail.
Take a glass 200-250ml and put ice. Add vodka, lemon juice and soda-water. Mix carefully the components spread smoothly over a glass. Shake a glass delicate to save gas in soda-water. Then add liqueur. It is heavier than the other components and it should sink to the bottom blending with the drink on its way. There will be a beautiful gradient, from deep blue at the bottom to light blue at the top. It will taste sweet orange at the bottom and the top will be sweet with light vodka bitterness. You should mix the cocktail to make smooth flavor or drink taking soda straw up from the bottom to the top of a glass, mixing all layers in your mouth. You can decorate the glass with a piece of pineapple, lemon and orange or put a cocktail cherry at the edge of a glass. The cocktail is served with a soda straw.


Men and women like Blue Lagoon cocktail because of its mild flavor and amazing aroma. It is a nice fresh drink, which inspirits and quenches one's thirst in hot and stuffy day. Any party and any company will welcome this cocktail with a bang.

Today there are some more variants of cooking this cocktail. Let's check.


Blue Lagoon cocktail with Rum

Recently many bartenders have started putting light Rum or Gin into the cocktail instead of vodka. This cocktail can be served with crushed ice. Put ice cubes into a blender or put ice into a polybag and beat with a mallet till the ice becomes small pieces. 

Blue Lagoon cocktail with cream

As an option the cocktail can be served with topped whipped cream instead of cherry, lemon or orange.

Blue Lagoon cocktail with syrup

Blue Curacao liqueur can be replaced with Blue Curacao syrup. The portion of Vodka should be increased by 10ml, the difference in taste will be unnoticed. Besides home-made syrups are more practical than liqueurs. First, it is cheaper. Second, it can be used to cook soft drinks for the kids.

Blue Lagoon cocktail alcohol-free

There are many recipes of non-alcoholic cocktails. If you do not know how to cook non-alcoholic cocktail, it is time to learn.  Non-alcoholic Blue Lagoon is made with Blue Curacao syrup.  The process is similar. Components should be mixed according to the proportions and cooking techniques.   

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