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Еnology is the science of winegrowing and winemaking.  Winemaking in Montenegro has an old history and dates back to the Pre-roman period. Grape has been grown at the valley of Skadar lake since the times of Illyrian State existed on the territory of present Montenegro. 
The State arrangements were started to support development of winemaking at the times of kingship of Nikolai I (1860-1918).  He was the first who created vineyards and set up the rules for grape cultivation and winemaking.   
The further development of winemaking had been taking place on this territory in Montenegro before the 2nd World War. Joint ventures for wine production are starting to appear for the first time, such as Godinje-Crmnica (1911) and the modern foundation of winemaking has been created in Montenegro. The first time Montenegro received several awards in London, 1907 for the wine production of high quality. In 1928 Montenegrin wines were included to the list of the best 6 wines at the exhibition in Belgrade.

All these events became a subtle milestone for the development of vineyards and the emergency of new ones at the region of Cemovsko (1977-1982), that sustain the cultivation of other 1 500 hectares of vineyards.
Today in Montenegro there are about 4 300 hectares of vineyards, over half of which 2 310 hectares belong to the winery «13. Jul Plantaže».
Vranac grape variety takes about 70% of all varieties used for wine production. It became the national symbol. A bottle of red wine Vranac is one of the favorite souvenirs from Montenegro. 
Favorable geographical and climate conditions of Skadar Lake and Adriatic seashore enable successful cultivation of grape all year round.

Winemaking in Montenegro can be divided into 2 regions: the first is the region of Skadar Lake and its sub regions (Podgorica, Crmnica, Rijeka); the second is the coastal districts (Budvanska rivijera, Barska rivijera, Ulcinjska rivijera and Grahovo region).

90% of all wine produced in Montenegro is grown for wine production and 10% is a table variety or used for immediate consumption.

Red wine is produced from 2 varieties, Vranac and Krastošija. White wine is produced mainly from Krstač and Zizak varieties.
Vranac is the grape variety of bluish black color with a colorless pulp, which is very sweet. This variety is characterized by big sugar content. Vintage period is the last week of August, the first week of September.

Krstač is the grape variety, which is cultivated in the southern part of Montenegro. It often grows at the regions close to Podgorica. Grape berry has slightly prolate form and sulphur color. Vintage period is the beginning of September.
Certainly you can easily find the cheapest and the most wide spread bins of Montenegrin wine Vranac and Krstač at any shop. Most probably, the producer will be Plantaže. But pay attention, there are some other wine producers, such as Burić and Sjekloća, Neksan and Zenta.

If you are a real wine enthusiast, it's obvious to take a tour to the winery. The most popular one is Plantaže.

Do not grudge the time and efforts to taste wine of different producers. And do not forget the young wine besots. 

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