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Welcome to jewelry store «MAGICSTONE»!

MAGICSTONE is a magic stone or stone making wishes coming true.
We create jewelry out of natural stones, bracelets having favourable impact on your destiny, that is why our shop was named MAGICSTONE.


Jewelry is made of natural stones imported from India, Nepal, Brasilia, Zaire, Afghanistan, Canada, Madagascar, Russia and other countries.

We use such precious stones as tourmalin, ruby, emerald, sapphire, garmet, pearl, amber, aquamarine, lasurite, coral, jasper, agate, amethyst, greenstone, turquoise, citrine, moonstone, schungite, verde antique, pure quartz, cat's-eye, rosy quartz, fluor, rhodonite, morion, azurite, labradorite, variscite, rudraksha, lava, chrysoprase, chrysolite, cyanite, Venus's-hairstone, quartz phantom, etc. Also we use different kinds of wood having favourable impact on your health and destiny: white sandal wood, red sandal wood, ebony, snakewood, kokia.


We use different accessories for our jewelry.

Economy class accessories made of alloy with cover (made in China): glamour, various and quite massive. It is good to wear, but one should treat it carefully and protect from water. 
Premium class accessories (made in Korea): gold-plate (16 carats) with rhodium, similar to white gold (16 carats). These accessories are very delicate and beautiful with crystals and without. 

Silver accessories: delicate laced and faceted balls, clasps and pieces, etc.
More expensive and rare stones come with premium class and silver accessories. And thus any accessories should be treated carefully and avoid water.
Magic Stone was founded by Russian designer couple Svyatoslav and Yilia. Offline store, boutique of author's jewelry Magic Stone is located on Adriatic seashore in Montenegro, in Budva, Old Town. 

 Working process

"Our jewelry is handmade. We travel around the world, buy interesting, beautiful, natural stones and accessories, make jewelry and amulets.
In case of private order, we meditate for person's image, beauty and character, collect the most suitable stones and accessories harmonizing with the energy of this person. We keep in touch with our customers and follow up with their impressions and changes in life connected with the stones. This is really fascinating."
New collection of man and woman jewelry made of natural stones is edited for every season. Classic models «Magic Stone» are always available. 
E-store Magic Stone proposes catalogue of stylish handmade jewelry made of natural stones as well as silver items for men and women shipped around Montenegro, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe and USA.
Our catalogue includes woman bracelets, necklaces, beads, sets, man bracelets and chocker (beads) and sets.

Individual selection of stones according to Natal horoscope (Jyotish astrology). Make-to-order.
We make bracelets, pendents and jewelry sets to order according to your birth horoscope. 
You should provide us with the exact time, place and date of your birth. 

Production time from 24 hours.

Dully matched stones help to harmonize relations, finance and health. It will be your menat and helping wind to the sails of your destiny.

Production of personal amulets.
We make protective amulets, for wellbeing and love.

About designers and founders of brand MAGIC STONE 

Since my childhood I was fond of stones, design, arts and remote countries because my father had been learning Art and many things were made by his hands. There were many interesting books with paintings and relics of various cultures, which I was examining and absorbing for hours. As a teenager I started wear stones and make jewelry. I felt its unique energy and was attracted by its beauty. Later I have discovered that famous people were favorably and seriously disposed toward stones over the centuries. Having explored the influence of stones deeply, I understood that this is completely unique and live energy, which attracts health, success, strength and love.

I did a lot of things in my life and also I have been practicing wood craft, painting, designing and creating stone jewelry. After a while I was given a chance to engage completely in my favorite business. My wife and I are always in art process, we travel and discover new things, create unique items, jewelry and amulets to bring people help and joy. My heart swells with happiness from the idea of helping people and bringing beauty into this world."


"I had been charmed with beauty of the world since my childhood. I always meditate for supernal loveliness of the nature, space, creature, sun rise and sunset, treasures of art, people smiles... I always pay attention to seasons' color combination in nature. I collect carefully these amazing impressions and implement them into my works. While studying Oriental art, painting, cinema, sculptures, ancient sacred writings, I was excited by stones and jewelry. So I went into studying and practice of jewelry making.
Having studying esotery, psychology, health improvement, meditation, yoga, physiognomy, positive planning, I have understood that I can be useful by creating my jewelry and amulets out of stones. I have tried and received huge positive feedback from people around me. What can be better than delivering happiness by your deeds? I really love my job, which brings more beauty into this world and promote welfare and happiness around people.
A special blessing is that my husband and I love and do one business, we complete each other and it makes our work more interesting and qualitative in terms of finance and spirit."


About effect of the stones

Everything we come into contact with our five senses: vision, smell, taste, touch, hearing, all these have influence on us to a greater or lesser extent. Light, color, aroma, music, words, communication, etc. When it's hot, we want to put on clothing of cool colors, blue or white. We never want to wear bright red things when it's hot and vice versa, when the weather is cold, red color warms us and blue has fresh influence. Pleasant and calm music placate your anger, cool mind and raise mood. What can be said about stones?  Thanks to color, shape of crystalline grid of a stone, its birthplace and craftsman's energy, one may definitely feel its effect.
Poring over studying of natural stones and they influence, I have completely assured that stones have personal energy and beneficial effect for owner's state and destiny.
Many friends and regular clients of ours confirm that stones really provide favorable influence, help in their life and become friends. 
Have a look at our catalogue and choose jewelry as a gift for you or your friends!
To order a bracelet according to your horoscope or an individual amulet, send us e-mail or message via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.
Message or call us any time, we are always happy to help you and make exclusive and unique jewelry, which will help, delight and surprise you and people around you for a long time!

With love and best wishes,
Designers of Magic Stone

Svyatoslav and Yulia


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