TOP 10 interesting places for kids

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TOP 10 interesting places for kids in Montenegro.

1. Mini zoo in Budva.
Mini zoo in Budva
Mini zoo in Budva is good for children and for adults as well. Zoo is located on the bus station and restaurant territory that makes it special. Despite the zoo is located on a bus station, it is well equipped and protected from the tourist crowd. Therefore parents can enjoy food and coffee while children have a look or feed beautiful and exotic animals. Besides zoo, there is children's playroom with animators.

2. Dino Secrets, Park in Budva.
Dino Secrets, Park in Budva
An unusual park-museum with dinosaurs was opened in 2015. Children can dig out skeleton of dinosaurs in a paleontological zone, to visit exhibition with dinosaurs life-sized, ride on them, participate in an educational seminar, have fun in laser labyrinth and experience a real world of dinosaurs with interesting activities.

3. Aqua Park in Herceg Novi
Aqua Park in Herceg Novi
There is a nice Aqua park in Herceg Novi located on the beach. So visiting beach can be funnier for your child. If you care and afraid for your children safety, you can visit Aqua park with them. The admission for adults is free. The cost for children may vary depending the season.

4. Adventure Park in Lovcen
Adventure Park in Lovcen
If you visit Lovchen you can also visit a very interesting, fun and extreme place, Adventure Park. The park is equipped with numerous air paths with different obstacles and various level of complexity. This place can be interesting not only for children, but for adults as well. There are many other amusements. At entrance yon will be given special equipment for your safety. Admission to the park is 10 Euro for children under 14 and 18 Euro for 14+.

5. Amusement park in Igalo "All for one Euro". 
Amusement park in Igalo "All for one Euro"
The biggest amusement park in Montenegro is located in Igalo. Every year it becomes bigger and bigger. There are many amusements: cars, merry-go-round, trampoline, etc. Unfortunately the name of the park does not correspond completely to the reality, some attritions cost a little higher, but still price is small. There is an amusement park in Budva in summer, which is not worst, but even better than the one in Igalo. There are new and modern attractions children and their parents will definitely like. The average price per attraction was 2 Euro in 2015.

6. Stable in Lastva
Stable in Lastva
Horseracing has always been a sport for aristocrats. Children were taught to ride a horse and got all-round personality development at the same time. You can become closer to aristocrats and employ a child in Donja Lastva. This activity will be not only interesting but also developmental.

7. Carting in Podgorica
Carting in Podgorica
Older children can practice carting in Montenegro. Small carting grounds are open in many towns near the sea. A professional instructor will guide your child. If your children are small, they can ride cars in any amusement park and even along the beach. There are many offers, you just need to pick up.
Skadar Lake
Small children are curious for everything, that is why Skadar Lake is also may be interesting for them. It is the biggest lake at the Balkans located in Montenegro and partially in Albania. The lake is amazingly beautiful and rich with flora and fauna. Your child will definitely find what to do here.

9.  Aesthetics in Bar
Aesthetics in Bar
Teach your child to esthetic beauty since young age by walking around Old Towns of Montenegro. There are many Old Towns, they are different, but at the same time rich with history. Your child and you will definitely enjoy it.

10. Sea trip
Sea trip
Sea trip around numerous beautiful islands and landscapes will be a nice addition to your holiday. Swimming in the open sea will be nice adventure for your child and you.

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