Top 10 sightseeing in Montenegro


There are many sightseeing in Montenegro described by us in our previous publications including different landmarks, monasteries, churches, ancient towns and many others. This TOP list is not featured by style or type of sightseeing. We have just collected best 10 interesting and beautiful places from our point of view.

1. The Tara River and Durdevica bridge

The Tara River and Durdevica bridge  From our point of view, the Tara River and Durdevica bridge are the most unusual, wonderful and amazing creations made by nature and human. The length of Durdevica bridge is 365m, the height is 172m. Looking at the bridge, it is hard to believe that this huge construction had been created within 3 years and then was destroyed because of the fascists captured Montenegro, but after the bridge was renewed once again. There is a picturesque and amazing view opens from the bridge to the Tara River, its length is 80km and the depth reaches 1300km in some places. That is why Tara Canyon is considered the second only to Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in USA. It is worth to see its pure blue water, huge natural forests and majestic bridge.

2. Perast, Risan and Boko-Kotor bay

Perast, Risan and Boko-Kotor bay  Boko-Kotor bay has a centuries-old history, battles, wars, attacks... Boko-Kotor bay is considered the biggest bay of Montenegro. This part of the country rich with historical heritage, monuments, churches, temples and all towns can be considered landmarks. A centuries-old history surrounds romantic old buildings. The atmosphere of an ancient history hovers above old streets. Passing by Kotor, you may see numerous ships and cruise ships, it means that Kotor is a seaport town, like the whole bay. Most of people of Kotor live at the expense of tourists coming with cruise ships. Numerous quantity of the Orthodox and Catholic temples let you know that most people living in Kotor are Orthodox Christians and Catholics.

3. The island of Saint Stephen (Sveti Stefan)

The island of Saint Stephen (Sveti Stefan)  Saint Stephen is basically the main attraction of Montenegro. You can find its photos almost everywhere, in brochures, magazines and on local websites. Saint Stephen or Sveti Stefan in local language has been a fishing village until recently. You know like in films, so romantic and unique. Now it is a town, island and resort visited by celebrities all over the world. Saint Stephen was reconstructed so professionally and right, so it preserved a history, a soul, but some sort of modernity has appeared. Aman hotel located on the island attracts many tourists on the reasons mentioned above. There is no way to get into hotel, unless you book a room. But there are no restrictions as for walking along olive grove and park, visiting restaurant with wonderful view.

4. Mamula

Mamula  The Mamula island-fortress preserved like it used to be. Once it is served as a prison camp for soldiers and as a defensive fortress... There are rumors that not a single shot was made from this place. Probably because it was a prison camp, the walls make you creep and fear. But now you have nothing to be afraid of. The only possible presence here is curious tourists. Film "Mamula" was shot here some time ago. This place provides wonderful views, Montenegro is from the one side and Croatia is from the other one. Unfortunately, there are no excursions, so you can get there just by boat.

5. Abandoned village in Gornja Lastva

Abandoned village in Gornja Lastva  An abandoned village in Gornja Lastva will create atmosphere of mystery and fear. Sometimes people used to live here, started families, children used to run, laugh and love...But a moment has changed everything. People left homes because of money, to find a way to feed their families. Having walk around the village one may notice that people just collected necessary things or took only their documents and have run. You may see cups with coffee in the yard, or uncooked meal at the kitchens, which has already molded, corrupted wooden stairs, corners covered with web. There are a few buildings visited by the owners in summer. The village has been dead for a long time

6. Shipchanik

Shipchanik  Shipchanik is the cellar of the biggest wine company in Montenegro "13. Jul Plantaže", located at the site of the former airbase. In 2001 Milo Djukanovic's adviser was the first to propose to transform airbase into the cellar. 356m long tunnel and 7000m2 basement are being reconstructed and opened since 6 years. There are 30000 bottles of wine of different age and kinds. There are special excursions and a testing room with area of 200m2, where you can have lunch and try different wines produced by "13 Jul Plantaže".

7. Ice cave

Ice cave
There is a real "Ice kingdom" is on the North East slope of Obla Glava Mountain, in the National park Durmitor! By getting inside, you find yourself in a wonderland. Ice cave in Montenegro is similar to some other frozen world, which does not melt even in the hottest day. Inside the cave there are many ice figures and the most interesting figures are stalagmite and stalactites resulting from constantly dripping water, which abounds in the cave. It is not easy to get to this amazing kingdom. Of course, better to do it with a guide to avoid being injured among ice makings. There are 2 ways to the cave on foot: the first starts in Zhablyak, the second one commences from mountain pass Sedlo. Both ways take 2-3 hours in one way. But even such a long journey is worth of it!

8. Lovćen

Lovćen  Mount Lovćen rises not far from town of Kotor. There are Petar II Petrović Njegoš's Mausoleum, ancient churchlets, caves, many monuments of the national architecture, restaurants and more than 1000 plant species. In 1952 Štirovnik, the highest peak of mountain group was declared the National park. A wonderful view to Boka-Kotor bay opens from the mountain. Millions of people come to enjoy the view. It is easy to get to the mountain peak by an asphalt road. Though in winter it will be difficult, as the snow cover can reach some centimeters. If you want, you can stay overnight in the territory of the Park.

9. Ostrog

Ostrog  There is a unique monastery in Montenegro, Ostrog. It is considered a miraculous place. The monastery consists of 2 parts: lower Monastery, which was founded in the 19th century, there are monks' cells and the Church of the Holy Trinity; and upper Monastery located in some kilometers higher, above the rock. There are 2 small churches in this part of the Monastery: the Church of the Holy Cross (1665) and the Church of the Presentation (18th century). Just right in the Church of the Presentation, there are miraculous relics of Basil of Ostrog. According to the legend, at the day of his death, grape had grown in his cell. It has been growing for 300 years. Desperate to get medical help, women all around the world come to see grape and ask about miracle - a baby! Often this miracle happens...

10. Nevidio Canyon or "Never seen by God"

Nevidio Canyon or "Never seen by God"  The name itself says that it is hidden from the "eye of God" and it is true. Nevidio has become the last conquered canyon in Europe, which was opened just in 1965 by the group of professional mountaineers from Niksic. Locals consider Komarnica river canyon, which originates in Durmitor Mountain, a real wonder mystery of nature. The Canyon is located between the two confronted mountains Durmitor and Vojnik separated by Komarnica River. Clean water, high rocks, waterfalls, narrow channels less than1 meter width and canyons take your breath away! All true nature lovers and extreme fans definitely should visit Nevidio Canyon.

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