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The first Russian kitesurfing school in Montenegro invites all lovers of outdoor activities and sports to undergo kiting, kiteboarding, windsurfing, etc. In Montenegro, you will have unforgettable adventures, new friends, stunning nature, sun, sea, spectacular views and landscapes, wide beaches and bright impression.

To ride a kite, you do not need to have outstanding physical abilities. In our kite school, not only young people in the prime of life, but also fragile girls, children, as well as respectable gentlemen over sixty, are successfully trained in kiting.

Kitesurfing is a unique sport, recreation and entertainment, having tried it you cannot remain indifferent . Feeling the strength of the wind in your hands, sliding the board along the water, you will experience incomparable emotions!

We have been training kitesurfing for more than ten years, during which time we have accumulated a vast experience of learning kite from scratch. Only professional instructors work in our kite school. Among us there are no random people, we love our work and guarantee you 100% result. Come to us and you will find that kitesurfing is simple and fun. Kite school "MontenegroSurf" is located on the beach of Velika Plaža, not far from Bora Bora. We are open every day from 1 pm.
About the kite school «Montenegro Surf»

Training at the kite school Montenegro surf:
  • Individual training program
  • Reliable and new kite equipment
  • Instructors with more than 10 years of experience teaching kiting
  • Ensuring security
  • Discounts for group training
  • Unique program "Intensive" - become a professional for 5 lessons
  • Special offers for those living in Montenegro.

Kite tours and training in kite school turnkey:
  • Selection and accommodation in apartments and hotels in Montenegro for every taste
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Rent of cars, yachts in Montenegro
  • Rental of kite equipment for your preferences and parameters
  • Colorful photo report training in the school of kitesurfing
  • Excursions and sightseeing in Montenegro

Conditions for classes at the kite station:​
  • Warm, shallow sea without thorns, wide beach, lack of drunken tourists interfering with training, smooth and strong wind from January to April. There is a place for drying and rest.
  • Friendly and cheerful team of kite-station, not only will quickly learn the basics of kitesurfing, but also tell about local sights of Montenegro
  • It is a stone-throw from very tasty and very cheap Balkan, European and Russian cuisine, freshly squeezed juices
Training program of kitesurfing.
We constantly follow the development of world kite surfing and use in our training system the experience of world industry leaders, whose base is the IKO system. But the main feature of our kiteschool, is an individual approach to each student. We do not follow the standard program, but constantly take into account the individual characteristics of our students, their physical data, character, mood.

The initial training program for kitesurfing is designed for 6 hours and is held under the constant supervision of the instructor. Training is conducted individually or in groups of 2 to 4 people.

After completing the basic course, you will learn:
Safely manage the kite; Determine the direction and strength of the wind; Collect kite and customize equipment; Manage the kite on the beach; Run and land a kite; Manage the kite in the water; Raise the kite from the water after it falls into the sea; Use the security system (insurance) kite; Learn the rules of divergence on water with other kiters; put on a board, start and ride a kite.
Stages of training kitesurfing:​

The program of the initial kitesurfing course (6 hours) in the GoaKite school:

1 stage of training (classes on the shore):
  • Safety Instruction
  • Theory of kitesurfing: The study of the basic wind concepts: the theory of the wind window, wind direction, wind force, the principles of motion.
  • Practice of training kite management.
  • Theory and practice of piloting an inflatable kite: features of design, devices and controls.
  • Study of the kite insurance system.
  • Practice of assembling and inflating the kite.
  • Controlling the kite at the edges of the wind window.
  • Launch and landing of the kite on the shore.

2 stage of training (classes with a kite on water without a board):
  • Starting and landing the kite.
  • Inflatable kite control on water
  • The technique of performing the exercise "bodydrag", working off the water for an inflatable kite lying on your stomach (without a board).
  • Raising the kite from the water.
  • The technique of performing the exercise "bodydrag" with the kite retained at the edge of the wind window, working off against the wind.

3 stage of training (classes on water with a kite and board):
  • Practical exercises on water with a board
  • Rules and practice of putting on boards and water start with a kite.
  • Technique of movement behind the kite on the board, working off movements in both directions.
  • Rack on the kite, working on the right rack.
  • At the 8-hour course - 7th and 8th hour:
  • Consolidation of acquired knowledge, development of skills in kite management and movement skills on the board.
Tuition fees at the kite school​

How much does it cost to learn kitesurfing in Montenegro?

Kite school on the best kite spot for training in Europe offers various kitesurfing training programs. Based on your individual abilities and needs, you can choose: full or partial kitesurfing course, take individual kite lessons or practice kiting in groups. The cost of training kitesurfing (does not depend on the season or region).

Prices for training by kitesurfing:

Individual kite lessons with a Russian professional instructor (basic course) 350 € - 6 hours, 400 € - 8 hours Group lessons (from 2 people) with a Russian professional kite surf instructor (basic course) - 300 €. Individual lessons 60 € per hour. Rental of kite equipment: 40 € per hour, 60 € - 2 hours, 90 € - day. Kit includes: kite + board + trapezoid.

If you decide to go kite training in Montenegro or improve your skills in this kind of water sports, we recommend you apply in advance for training!

Kite school "Montenegro surf" works from May to September. The best time to visit is July, August. At this time, the wind begins to blow every day from 1 pm to 6-7 pm. We have already spent a lot of time in Montenegro and studied the local conditions, so we can answer the questions that interest you. We also provide support for finding places to stay, renting a private house or a small hotel, transferring, renting a car, suggest that you can see in the country which excursions are required to visit.

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