TOP 10 places to practice extreme


TOP 10 places to practice extreme

Drive, move, emotions... As a rule, admirers of extreme holidays get the brightest and unforgettable emotions. It is you who chooses to fall into an abyss from 100m height or go through the obstacles on high speed, and we just propose you what to do in Montenegro. Believe us, we have something to propose.

1. Nevidio Canyon

Nevidio Canyon

The Canyon is located between the two confronted mountains Durmitor and Vojnik separated by the Komarnica river. Nevidio has become the last conquered canyon in Europe, which was opened just in 1965 by the group of professional mountaineers from Niksic. This natural magic place is hidden under 400m mountains. Narrow channels less than 0,5 meter width, the most dangerous one is "Gates of kamikaze" 25cm width, jumping into deep canyons and knickpoints will take your breath away! All true nature lovers and extreme fans should definitely visit Nevidio Canyon.

2. Parachuting

Parachuting  Probably parachuting is the most adrenalin activity. Some seconds of free fall lasting as an eternity... Get a bird's-eye view of huge mountains, amazing landscapes and feel free. You can just soar in the sky and enjoy it. Felling good and fear at the same time. Enjoy adrenalin, speed and life. Not everybody has guts to try it, but if you do, then visit Podgorica. There are two places, where you can experience full helplessness and freedom at the same time, club "Wings of Podgorica" or club "Titograd". Cost of training and flight is 150-200 Euros. The duration is 3 days. Go ahead!

3. ​Paragliding


Paragliding is less extreme, dangerous and cheaper. It is simple, you can practice it everywhere. There are many proposals of flight with an instructor along the seaside. Paragliding is a flight with special parachute similar to a wing. It is light and responsive, without motor and unlike parachute you can land anywhere. Even beginners can learn how to manage with it in a half an hour. Anyway, the most important thing for your safety is to fly together with an instructor. An average price is 60 Euro, but emotions you will get far more, especially in such a beautiful country.

4. ​Sea diving

Sea diving To dive into the sea means to get to another world, which is unfamiliar, unreal and still attractive. To dive into the sea world, first you need is to get certificate. Local and European organizations provide this service: PADI, NAUI, PSS, CMAS. Then feel free to explore sea life and shipwreck.

5. Diving in the caves

Diving in the caves  Cave diving is rather dangerous kind of sport with high requirements and price as well. First, you should have diver's certificate and experience. Depending the diving level, you may require cave-diver's certificate. Second, your equipment should be of the highest quality. Third, you should be well trained, the visibility under the water changes quickly, from transparent to complete dark. There is no chance to come to the surface fast. What is more, there are many "surprises" in the cave, like narrow paths and gaps. But you have a chance to find many interesting things and see fish.

6. Rafting on Tara River

Rafting on Tara River The Tara River canyon is the second longest in the world and the biggest in Europe, after Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in USA. There are more than 50 rifts you can overcome by boat or wooden rafts. Wonderful views and pure water with a portion of extreme during swimming along canyon will produce unforgettable impressions on you! You can book this kind of excursion in any tourist agency. An average cost is just 60 Euro.

7. Alpinism and rock-climbing

Alpinism and rock-climbing

Mountains in Montenegro are quite favorable place for alpinism. The bravest tourists try to conquer Prokletje Mountains. It is almost vertical, therefore if you are not experienced climber, you should start with less dangerous spots. For example Perlitor (Durmitor Mountains) is nice for the start. Do not forget the main rules: feel sure of yourself, prepare professional, tried and true equipment (including shoes) and conquer the peaks with professional instructor.

8. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

There is one more way to experience free fall and see all beauty of Montenegrin Mountains and landscapes, of cause if you dare to open your eyes. Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord to your legs. You can try "Bungee" in Budva, on Slovenska beach. This jump is less impressive, the platform is just 40 m. high. But still it is good. On top, you will get T-shirt, cap and video with your jump.

9. Zipline

Zipline in Montenegro You can enjoy Zipline on the same Durdevica bridge. We have already described the beauty of the lake and the scenery, so we just propose you to try. The cost of the short ride-fly is 10 Euro, and 20 Euro for a long one. If you are afraid, you can practice double ride, but your partner will be on the second line, close to you. There is one more Zipline close to Budva, near Rybnyak. It is smaller, but the landscape is also nice.

10. ​Adventure park in Lovchen

Adventure park in Lovchen Adventure park in Lovchen provides numerous air trails and land amusements with obstacles to overcome. Every level has own program. Even children can practice activity, which is an additional advantage. There are attractions and trails designed for kids. "Tarzan's trail" will let you experience whole range of emotions and you will see if you are ready for sharp turnings...

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