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Any woman and many men in her life at least once turned to the specialists of the studio or workshop for tailoring and repairing clothes for help. This is not surprising: only the master is able to perform most of the work on altering or improving the appearance of the thing.
 To whom and in what cases are such services required for repair of clothing?

Our main clients are as a rule:
  • Holders of a non-standard figure, which is difficult to pick up the finished product in the store. You will be helped to change the line of the neck, make the necessary changes in the cut of the purchased item for each specific case and customer.
  • People whose employment does not allow them to buy themselves a new thing every time, if possible, repair old, especially if the thing is vintage or from a famous designer. Replacement of zippers, accessories, lining, both completely and partially often saves the favorite and rare thing of your wardrobe.
  • Those who prefer individuality in clothing (even in decoration or furniture). Machine and hand embroidery will make a simple product original, and skillful work with lace and braid will add sophistication.
  • People whose abundance does not give the opportunity to often buy new things. In this case, a service for restoring the damaged web with tears, cuts, abrasions, collar changeover, cuffs, as well as their replacement, machine and hand darning, is useful.
The advantages of repairing clothes in the atelier

What are the advantages open for a simple consumer appeal to a specialized workshop for repairing clothing? Here are just a few of them:
1) Saves time. Do not cost for the burnt holes on your favorite jeans or increase the neckline of your neck to spend your energy and time on self-repair (which is not always possible). Turning to clothing repair professionals, you will receive your item in the shortest time and in the best possible way.
2) Saving money. The repaired thing (and the additional, if you wish, additional elements) will stay much longer in your wardrobe. In addition, the repair of clothes of any complexity in our studio "Eni Taylor" will cost less than in the tailor-made tailor-made tailoring.
3) The ability to repair even complex damage. Seemingly unsuitable for repair things (due to a complicated cut, material of a thing or damage) will find a second life in the repair shop, a chance to serve their owner for a long time. Such tasks can be "too tough for amateurs, and even at home, and buying a new thing is not always possible and justified.
Incomplete list of repair services for clothes in the "S.Z.T.R. Beba" atelier:
  • Repair of clothes of any complexity;
  • Restoration of clothes made of leather, fur, knitwear (jackets, coats, sheepskin coats);
  • Replacement of lining, fur, lightning, accessories;
  • Cross and fit clothes according to the figure;
  • Shortening and lengthening of clothes;
  • Rearrangement of the collar, cuffs, and also their replacement;
  • Replacement of lightning, hardware, lining, both fully and partially;
  • Machine and hand darn;
  • Restoration of the damaged cloth with tears, cuts, abrasions;
  • Machine and hand embroidery;
  • Change the line of the neck;
  • Work with products on down, on fur, on a sintepon, etc.;
  • Work with lace, braid;
  • Formation of new elements on the product;
  • Sewing curtains, bedspreads;
  • Urgent repairs in the presence of the customer;
  • And much more …

Professionalism and many years of experience allow us to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently and at reasonable prices!
Repair of clothes is advantageous and convenient. The degree of complexity does not matter, only the client's desire and high level of services are important.

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