Mountain climbing club Highlanders of Montenegro

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Mountaineering club „Visokogorci Crne Gore“ was formed 10.09.2009. year in Podgorica. Founders of this club are some of the most experienced and successful alipinists in Montenegro, who have achieved significant results in this area as members of different mountaineering clubs. The motive for the establishment of this club is a commitment to extreme forms of mountaineering: extreme mountaineering and alpinism, as well as for more efficient implementation of the most complex expeditions and actions on the world’s highest peaks.

In the past club has achieved significant results in all fields, so we can conclude that it has fully justified its existence, its planned mission and goals. The club has set new standards in Montenegrin mountain-climbing. By volume, and especially the quality of the completed activities, our club is one of the most active and successful, not only in Montenegro, but also in the region. Club has during current functioning demonstrated the ability to independently organize expeditions to the world’s most demanding mountains, by which ,,Visokogorci Crne Gore“ became a leader in the field of mountaineering and mountain sports in Montenegro.

Club is dedicated to building a mountaineering infrastructure and has realized a number of activities in the area: setting up boxes with stamps and the entry books, equiping of mountainering huts, marking, making and setting up of signposts for top bike and hiking trails, preparation of project documentation for the construction of mountain lodge on Maganik, etc..

Club is committed to constant professional training of members. So far, several members received training for scouts for mountain and biking trails, training for a leader of rafters, marking instructors, mountain guides and mountain rescue training.

Club develops social responsibility and humanity of its members and is involved in a number of rescue operations in the mountains and voluntary blood donations. Club has put all its resources in eliminating the consequences of the snow storm in February 2012, and our members took part in the actions provision of food and medicines in the field and extracting people from blocked areas for the entire duration of disaster.

Club is dedicated to the promotion of mountaineering and healthy lifestyles among children and youth. In this respect the club organizes permanent and temporary actions in kindergartens, schools, colleges, and among the citizens. To specific actions, organizing visitations and spending time in nature for inmates of the Centre on mount Kakaricka, club helps in the rehabilitation of addicts of psychoactive substances accommodated in this Centre.

Each year club achieves significant results in the manifestations of competitive nature in which we are always winning some of the leading places.

Vision of the club:

Our vision is to to take and enhance the position of leader and innovator among mountaineering clubs in the area. We are creating a club with a powerful personnel and material base from which arise top athletes capable of the greatest achievements.

Mission of the club:

We create new values and achieve superb sport results. Our capital is our people. In accordance with that we strive to meet the needs, wishes and preferences of our members and enhance quality of their lives. We create conditions to improve and creatively express and realize their ideas, aspirations and ambitions. We help them to get to know nature, other people and their own capabilities. We develop the necessary mountaineering infrastructure, create and nurture sporting spirit and culture. In this way, we become a team of satisfied, realized and socially responsible people.

Strategic goals of the club:

– The development, promotion, popularization and affirmation of mountain sports, with an emphasis on mountaineering and alpinism,
– Education and professional training of memberships in the field of mountaineering and alpinism, mountaineering expeditions to the highest peaks of the world,
– Development and improvement of  mountaineering infrastructure on the Montenegrin mountains, cooperation with mountaineering clubs and other organizations in the region and beyond,
– Promotion and affirmation of Montenegro’s mountain climbing, sport in general, and the state of  Montenegro abroad.


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