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Average bill: 30 €
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 One of the most incredible and exciting activities to do in Budva! An excursion on board of our state of the art boat and an unforgettable flight floating from a parachute in the sky at any height up to 400 meters along the coast of Budva. Unforgettable views of the beautiful beaches, mountains, cliffs and nature reserve St. Nicolas Island and the Budva Bay.
 And for the braver ones, have a dip in the sea while still hanging from your parachute. Sit down, relax and enjoy the views.
The activity lasts approximately 15 minutes flight and 1 hour tour.

Single 40,00 €
Double 60,00 €
Triple 80,00 €


 An activity that combines pleasure, relaxation and fun. An excursion around the north or south coast of the island, visiting the wonderful beaches, nature reserve islands, caves, reefs, places with historical interest, celebrity mansions, crystal blue waters and much more.

 During any of the stops we do along the way, you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing. We also offer the possibility to discover the sea on our exclusive water jet skis. Seabobs and Sea jets Bladefish.
 Once in a life time experience and beyond description. Music and drinks on board. Also available for sunset.
The activity lasts approximately 2 hours.

JET BOAT 360 - 55,00 €

 In our circuit you can enjoy the experience of riding on a jet ski in a controlled manner. Before we explain how the bike works and what the circuit consists of. A qualified instructor and boat will be close to you at all times.
 You can enjoy the wonderful scenery and experience or squeeze the throttle and feel the adrenaline rush while sailing at full speed through the sea.

Jet Ski Circuit 30 minutes approx., area St. Nicolas Island and the Budva Bay.

JET SKI - 50,00 €

Price per person
The activity lasts approximately 10 minutes , area Budva Bay.

TUBE - 10,00 €

 Enjoy diving in Budva with no previous experience. Meet the waters of Budva - St. Nicolas Island, making diving from boats and under the supervision of specialized instructors.
Includes all necessary equipment and boat ride to the activity.
Course Try Dive 40€

SCUBA DIVING - 40,00 €

 Enjoy diving in Ibiza with no previous experience. Meet the waters of Ibiza making diving from boats and under the supervision of specialized instructors. Includes all necessary equipment and boat ride to the activity.
Course Try Dive 80€

VIP - PRIVATE - EVENTS: prices available on request.


 Is the worlds fastest and most sophisticated on water and underwater scooter. Security and speed are a main factor in their use, as they can reach 22km/h above water and if you prefer you can dive and snorkel up to 40 meters deep at nearly 16km/h.

 All of this can be reached by just pressing a button, you can experience thrills and excitement in the most amazing way . For all those who know what the Sea World can offer and for those who have had no experience, SEABOB offers a unique experience that will not leave you dissapointed. Action, adrenaline, excitement , speed, power , experiences , feelings, freedom and much more is what surrounds this technologically sophisticated propeller . It is time for you to take over the control of the helm and discover it's uniqueness in the water !!!
We offer technical services in Ibiza for any support or querey we can solve. We also offer sales, rental, tours and events.

Official Technical Service Centre, Ibiza and Formentera
We service and repair any breakdown, problems or damage to your Seabob, as we are the Official Seabob Service Centre on the island of Ibiza and Formentera, we can carry out all necessary work and service under the realization of a prior diagnosis with Official Seabob guarantee. 24h emergency service also available.

Seabob Sale
If you are interested in buying, we are happy to manage all necessary arrangements to satisfy your needs.

Seabob Rental
We have the highest amount of SEABOB thrusters in Ibiza and Formentera, with which we can carry out delivery and collection to your boat , home, residence, or anywhere , at any time or place on the island . You can rent our seabobs as you prefer, single days or weekly, with no need to worry about anything, just enjoy the experience and leave EVERYTHING TO US.

Seabob Tour
Consists of the experience of enjoying 2 hours with your group entering the Seabob world, in the natural and marine environment of the island where you will feel and test what a real Seabob is. You will be accompanied by an instructor at all times making the activity easier and more enjoyable.

Seabob Events
Are aimed at groups, businesses, large companies, incentives for those who organize events on the beaches and bays of Ibiza with an instructor who will ensure you spend a special and unforgettable day with seabobs, where he will teach and explain everything you need to know so you can enjoy your day in the best of company.

SNORKELING - 15,00 €

A day at the sea. For those who want to spend a day at sea, need a taxi boat transfer, photograph the coast or for any type of events and parties. We have several boats to rent daily, half a day or sunsets.
These boats have solarium, swim platform, sound system, fridge, and many accessories on request for watersports like seabobs, bladefish, towables, flyboard, jet skis, snorkelling equipment, etc.

Tech. Spec.: Scarab / Loa: 12 mts. / Beam 3 mts. / Engine: 2 x 400 cv / Seats 12 Pax

High season:
Day 1100 €
Halfday 600 €
Sunset 600 €

Mid-low season:
Day 900 €
Halfday 500 €
Sunset 500 €

VIP - PRIVATE - EVENTS: prices available on request.

Welcome to a Water Sport Center №1 in Budva, Montenegro!

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