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Not far from the National Park Durmitor is a mountain peak Sinjajevina. This is an unforgettable and amazing place in Montenegro for the true nature lovers and mountain tourism. The top of the mountain massif Sinjajevina offers a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains and valleys nearby, as well as on the town Mojkovac. The name of the medieval town was in honor of the mint, which carried out its work in the XIV century.

Sinjajevina Mountain range stretches for 40 kilometers to the south-east to north-west between the towns of Zabljak and Kolasin. In addition, near the mountains, there are famous National Parks Durmitor and Biogradska gora, Dzhurdzhevicha bridge and river Tara with its world famous Canyon (the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world after the Grand Canyon).

For tourists who want to spend their holidays in the central part of Montenegro, local companies arrange hiking climbing on comfortable mountain routes, exciting mountain bike tours, unforgettable rides and other entertainment. In addition, you can take part in rafting on the Tara river.

In addition, mountain Sinjajevina is a great place for sports - once, the competition "Sinjajevinsky sector" was held there, and was very popular in Montenegro. Now there is a large-scale improvement of sports and tourist infrastructure, and gradually the mountain begins to compete with Belasica on the field of ski tourism. The slopes of the mountain are also laid very interesting, fascinating and comfortable trails for riding a snowmobile.

On the slope of the mountain, at an altitude of 1100 meters in the northern region of Montenegro, a Montenegrin ranch is located. For this type of object an unusual place is selected, because often such settlements are located on the plains. This ranch is known to many tourists who prefer a healthy vacation. Beautiful nature, fresh mountain air, hospitable hosts - all this is a guarantee of a good holiday. Modern man should visit these places to reconnect with nature and restore mental and physical forces.

Sinjajevina Mountain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for climbers, skiers, mountain biker. The best time for summer climbs is from June to September. In winter, the slopes are covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, so ice axes and grapnels are mandatory equipment for climbers. Specially equipped tourist camps on the massif are not provided, but there are also no restrictions on tents. In addition, you can spend a night in shepherd's huts, which are a huge amount in the area.

Fishing enthusiasts are attracted to local places by two lakes: Zminicko and Zabojskoje. The depth of the first is 4 meters, of the second - 19. Water, in the surrounded by pine trees water bodies, is of a glacial origin - clean and clear. The lakes are under state protection and for catching rainbow trout, one must purchase a license.
Tourist routes.
Usually the ascent of Mount Sinjajevina starts from the center of the locality Mojkovac. The town of Mojkovac can be easily reached by car or by bus from Niksic and the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica.

Next, you need to cross the bridge over the river Tara, and continue along the scenic path leading through the not high leave-forest, reach the hill Topovi (1208 meters above sea level). An observation deck is especially developed here, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, the canyon, the river and the entire valley. Continuing the hike up to the mountain Sinjajevina, one can also see a lot of small churches, as well as the katuns - houses of shepherds on summer pastures.

Also in the process of climbing the mountain, you can visit Zabojskoje lake, which was mentioned above. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful in this area. This unique body of water is located at an altitude of 1477 meters above sea level and from all sides is surrounded by a thick pine forest. In autumn and summer on the shores of this lake, the tents can be put up.

The slopes of the mountain Sinjajevina have many small hiking trails that are laid through the thick ephedra, and a large number of user-friendly designed viewing platforms allow you enjoy the natural beauty of the area to the fullest and get a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The greatness of the mountain Sinjajevina and all the mountain range, as well as the wonderful natural beauty of these places will impress any traveler. Mountain Sinjajevina - pure mountain air and beautiful nature!

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