Beach games for the youngest children

All parents are divided into two categories without exception. Some play with children on the beach and work hard to build fortresses. Others hope that the child will take care of himself. However, if the baby is bored, then he can demand in an ultimatum from you a joint entertainment. How to avoid child rebellion? Rambler.Travel offers 10 games on the beach, past field trials ...

So, let's begin...

 1. Catching up with the sea

This game is suitable for children who themselves can not yet resist even a small wave. Take the child by the hand and first catch up with the wave when she rolls back, and then escapes from the wave when she returns. It is advisable to whimper at the same time.

 2. Stone figures

For the game you need to collect small and large pebbles and lay out on the sand portraits of father and mother, Jack's dog, alien, terrible monster, herringbone, ship and much more.

 3. Beach Bowling

For this game, you definitely need a ball and a few plastic bottles. You type with the baby or yourself in the bottle sand or water. Set and show how you need to shoot down the ball with the bowling pin. For the game, it's best to choose a remote location where you will not interfere with other people.

 4. Sherlock Holmes

Bury a toy in the sand and invite the child to find it. Or bury several objects in a sand hill at once and ask the baby to feel by touch what it is. This game is not only entertaining, it also contributes to the development of fine motor skills.

 5. Drawings on the sand

Draw on the sand is interesting to almost all children without exception. To the "masterpiece" is not washed away by the run up wave, make a pad in the distance from the surf zone. Add "colors" to the picture with shells, pebbles and leaves.

 6. Beach classics

Jumping on sand, especially hot, is not always convenient. But you can put things - shorts, T-shirt, hat, bag - and invite the kid to jump or step over from the subject to the subject, gradually pushing them apart and complicating the task. Such an exercise, by the way, develops in children a large motor skills.

 7. The shooting range (target)

Throw stones on the target like all children, because it's very gambling. And if the target is floating, then there will be no limit to delight. Move as far as possible from the bulk of bathing people, send a swimming ball, for example, and invite the child to get into it a pebble or a shell. Well, of course, do not just stand around.

 8. Clouds

On a cloudy day, you can lie down together on the sand or chaise-longues and look for (who will find more) in the floating clouds familiar outlines: a crow or an owl, a tree or a flower, look like a person slowly turning into ...

9. Minesweeper

You need to bury your hand with your fingers spread out in the sand and invite the child to dig it without hitting it. Otherwise - bang! - the mine will explode. Only "blast" the mine very carefully, so that the sand does not hit the baby in the eyes.

 10. The Sniper

Buy children a water pistol. Put a plastic cup or bottle in the distance and offer to knock them down with a stream of water.

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