Vacation with children in Montenegro

A trip to rest with the whole family is not only joy and great emotions for children and adults, but also the need to solve many specific problems and issues that are not familiar to tourists traveling alone or by adult companies. Small tourists demand not only increased attention to themselves from their parents, which, of course, depends heavily on their age, but they also force to prepare such a program of recreation and entertainment so that the whole family will enjoy the vacation.

First, it is necessary to choose a suitable bit of a good coating, preferably sandy. Ideally, if it has special children's attractions, and the depth at a great distance from the shore is not very large. Required for increased water purity, the presence of the beach rescue service and all other infrastructure. At the same time, the crowded beach can also become a problem - many families with young children like solitude and the absence of large crowds of tourists.

Secondly, it is necessary to clarify all issues of nutrition. Water and food should be quality and tasty, so that digestive problems do not become the main content of the upcoming holiday.

Thirdly, it is necessary to think over a program of leisure, than the whole family will be doing besides sleep, food and water procedures. Here the age of children plays an important role, since the smallest travelers need only entertainment, and teenagers will already be interested in visiting various attractions.

In addition, it is necessary to solve a lot of other domestic and organizational issues related, for example, to medical services and living conditions - sometimes you need a special bed for the baby or a separate room for children.

Montenegro on many issues is ideal for family vacations, it is only necessary to properly prepare for such a trip and choose a good resort. Clean ecology, beautiful green nature, abundance of beaches for every taste, sunny warm climate, friendliness of local residents - all this attracts parents here with children. In many places of the country, the holiday can become not only pleasant but also very useful - mixing sea and mountain air, aromas of tropical plants generates a special atmosphere, curing of various chronic diseases.
Montenegro can be a good choice for the prenatal and even postpartum period. Many young mothers come here for the whole summer (they do not need a visa for Russians), they rent small quiet apartments or private villas and enjoy the ideal climate and tranquility of the surrounding environment. And the proximity of Montenegrin and Russian mentality allows you to quickly find a common language and solve many everyday issues with local residents.

A large number of historical attractions - fortresses, castles, churches will allow to instill in the younger generation a craving for history and culture, and in the future will help in studying the school curriculum. Almost all large families can offer children a wide range of entertainment - catamarans, boats, bananas, water motorcycles and much more, which allows you to get a lot of positive emotions from relaxing by the water.

Montenegrin cuisine consists of simple food, there are no exotic dishes or spicy spices. In any restaurant you can get a special children's menu, and if you want, you can cook on your own by buying food at the nearest store. Cafes and restaurants along the coast are always offered refreshments and ice cream, so there is no problem on the beach during the day.

In the mountainous part of the country for children there are special routes to the wild nature, tourist camps where you can join various types of outdoor activities, for example, you can rent a mountain bike, ride a horse or go fishing in a fish-rich mountain river.

In winter, Montenegro offers children and adults skiing and snowboarding. The three main resorts - Zabljak, Kolasin and Nikshich - have at their disposal special children's trails, characterized by a small length and a weak bias. In addition, such centers have a staff of experienced instructors and conduct special children's courses in the teaching of skiing.

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