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Canyoning or Canyoneering is an active and rather extreme kind of sport and recreation, which consists in passing canyons and overcoming various obstacles such as waterfalls, cascades, natural pools, etc. Knowledge of various skills walking and techniques to overcome the complex water-rocky terrain of the mountains, such as: climbing, descending and climbing the rope, trekking through an open mountainous terrain, moving against or along the water stream, slipping through narrow slits, jumping, swimming, etc are necessary for canyoing classes. In addition, during the surmounting of canyons, various swimming means are not used: boats, rafts, canoes, kayaks, etc. - passage is possible only with the help of hands, feet and head. During the passage of many canyons, climbing equipment is used: ropes, carbines, safety harnesses, belay devices, helmets, etc. Depending on the temperature of the air and water, various clothes and footwear are used to ensure protection from cold water.

In simple words, canyoning is a special kind of extreme and fascinating walking tour along the bottom of canyons of mountain rivers. Canyons are ideal for this type of recreation (which is what this name came from) - especially those that are inside the rocks, with narrow slopes and a lot of waterfalls.

There are 2 main types of canyon performance:

 - Technical canyoning - with the use of additional equipment;
 - Foot canyoning - without the use of special equipment.

The purest turquoise water of a mountain river, incredible waterfalls, narrow passages, vertical and endless rocks, various forms of stone figures and sculptural walls that have formed water for many years, a variety of plants and animals - all this makes this sport and active recreation unique, attractive and interesting. Canyons can be very light or extremely difficult for performance, but the accent usually consists in aesthetics, entertainment and adventure while passing, and not in the technical complexity of the route. Currently, canyoning is a fairly popular type of recreation, the number of people of all ages and degrees of training is constantly growing all over the world. Every day the routes for the passage of canyons become more and more diverse, which cannot but rejoice. Canyoning is particularly attractive in mountain canyons with running water, and there are many such places in Montenegro.

In Montenegro, at the moment, basically a hiking kind of canyoning is developed. However, it also does not exclude special equipment. For hiking canyoning in Montenegro, you also need to choose waterproof thermal clothing and special shoes that will protect you from cold water. One of these very interesting, but rather difficult routes is a hiking tour of Nevidio Canyon.

Canyon Nevidio or Nevidbog, as it is called by the inhabitants of this region, is located in the central part of Montenegro, 5 km away from the city of Savnik. Canyon Nevidio is part of the Mala Komarnica River, which runs at the foot of the southern part of the Durmitor mountain range in the Dobar Dol area. It rightfully bears the name "Nevidio (Nevidbog) (lit. Never seen by God)", as the river Komarnica suddenly turns and becomes literally invisible to the human eye. Canyon Nevidio is considered a unique landmark and is found in all tourist guides in Montenegro.

The unique beauty of the mountain river, the various cascades and the unique nature of the canyon Nevidio, are a good reason to visit this incredible pearl of Montenegro. Despite the fact that this hike does not require special physical preparation, the performance of the canyon is not recommended without a guide.

Walking around the canyon Nevidio is a rather extreme sport and active recreation in Montenegro, so tourists and locals who are going to try their hand should be ready for various difficulties and dangers. Also, do not go in for canyoning alone, as this is extremely dangerous. In the canyon Nevidio there can be places from which it is not possible to go ashore without someone's help or without special equipment and training, which means that you need to travel together with someone. In addition, it is a constant work in the team, as it is necessary to watch and insure every member of the group. Moreover, if at least one person from your group, God forbid, will receive even a minor injury or damage, then this will be a serious problem for the further movement of the entire group along the canyon.

Canyoning in Nevidio gorge includes such sports disciplines as: jumping, swimming, climbing, descent on a rope. It is for these reasons extremely important to move around the canyon accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who has already overcome the road more than once and knows well both the local climatic conditions and the technical side of the route. The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter, and some parts of the canyon can be traversed only with the availability of climbing equipment.

The canyon passes through Boljske grede (2,091 meters above sea level) and Lojanik (2,091 meters above sea level). At the very end of the valley begins the very canyon Nevidio. It is worth noting that the entrance to the canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the Durmitor National Park. The beauty of this place is complemented by the village of Poščenje with two stunning ice lakes and the Skakavica waterfall, 70 meters high, spreading the water of the Grabovica River, which in its turn flows into the Komarnica River.

Recently, Nevideo Canyon was practically inaccessible and for a long time it only caused great attention and curiosity on the part of both locals and tourists wishing to conquer it. In 1957 and 1964, several serious organized attempts were made to get acquainted with the canyon and to explore it, which were unsuccessful. Strange and fantastic stories about the last unconquered canyon of Europe gradually began to appear. It was so until August 1965. At this time members of the club P.S.D. Javorak from the town of Niksic (Montenegro), despite the poor equipment, passed the canyon and for the first time presented the wild, unusual and stunning beauty of these places to the world, to which the person is not used and continues wondering till now ...

Most of the canyon is in eternal shadow, because of the huge vertical rocks the sun's rays cannot reach the bottom. On steep and hard-to-reach rocks, there are quite severe conditions for vegetation, which is still present here. That is why the canyon Nevidio can rightfully be considered a pearl of Montenegrin nature, which is both paradise and hell.

Walking tour of Nevidio canyon consists of:

- Canyoning training
- The performance of the canyon
- Completion of canyoning and returning to ethno-village
- Lunch
- Gift surprise

Cost: 100 euros/person.

With our instructors and guides, your trekking through the canyon Nevideo will be safe, interesting and memorable!

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Excursion Type: Active vacation, Extreme

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