Park (Botanical Garden) Milocer

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Sveti Stefan, Budva
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Milocer had been a favorite place of holiday for the royal family for many years. Resort Milocer is admired today from the windows of his apartment, the President of Montenegro, various celebrities and simply rich people of the planet. This is an exclusive place, situated just 500 m. from the world famous island-hotel "Sveti Stefan".

Town-resort Milocer was founded in 1934 next to the residence of the royal family of Serbia. Stone buildings in Milocer were the castle once, where rested Karadjordjevic royal family. In summer King Nikola and his family often spent time there. Now at the entrance to the park Miločer is hanging a map, which marked the territory of private residences, and where can move tourists.

Park (Botanical Garden) Milocer is located near the settlement Przno, 6 km from Budva, and covers an area of about 18 hectares. The park is landscaped in the French classical style - a riot of tropical vegetation, framed by stone arches and exquisite borders annually lured crowds of tourists. Here, in addition to a variety of Mediterranean pine trees, grow rare and exotic plants (e.g., various cacti, tropical mimosa, etc.), imported from America, Asia and Africa. In addition, in the park you can find plants such as Lebanese cedar, Japanese medlar, magnolia, agave that grow here naturally. Particularly noteworthy is a beautiful promenade with olives and cypresses.
Park and Botanical Garden Milocer in Montenegro
For tourists in Montenegro this is a place must see!!! It is quiet and cozy, little people, beautiful nature, alluring coolness, the smell of pine, great views and gorgeous sunsets. In general, a great place to take a break from the heat and the crowds of tourists, and also make great photos for the family album.

Through Milocer Park one can get the island of Sveti Stefan. Fortunately, it is very comfortable paths and trails and one can go almost anywhere with a stroller (there are several places with small steps).

In addition to the rich and diverse flora here is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast -Queen’s beach. You won’t be able to take a walk on the whole beach area, since it is owned by the hotel. However, the owners have left open a small part of the beach for tourists and local residents. If you want to visit the beach, then the price will certainly "please" you - 75 euros ... For this money you can get two loungers for hire, two towels and an opportunity to reflect on whether it is worth to get used to the royal household. Without renting sun loungers swimming is prohibited.

On a small hill above Milocer seems like floats the ancient monastery Praskvica, founded in the 17th century. The name of the monastery seems mysterious. In fact, in the local dialect "Praskvica" - is nothing but a peach. And the name this monastery got due to the fact that its territory has an amazing spring, that water has the flavor of peaches.

Exotic Mediterranean vegetation, sandy beaches of the highest quality and exclusive villas provide all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay in the town of Milocer.

Park (Botanical Garden) Milocer in Montenegro is a royal holiday!

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