Mountain hiking trails in Montenegro

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Mountain hiking trails in Montenegro
Map of mountain pedestrian roads in Montenegro
Montenegro, as the name suggests, basically consists of all kinds of mountain ranges, various mountains, canyons, hollows and caves. The local mountains resemble the Crimean Mountains, but their height is much more significant - more than 48 peaks exceed the mark of 2000 meters above sea level. Among all kinds of recreation, possible in this country, mountain walking trails in Montenegro are the most popular and impressive.

Most of the mountain peaks of Montenegro are located in the northeast of the rivers Komarnica, Piva and Moraca. The mountains were grouped in a special way and formed four large mountain ranges: Visitor, Durmitor and Komovi (enter the Dinaric Highlands) and Prokletije. The highest peak of Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk (2522 m) is located in the mountain range Durmitor. High mountains are covered with dense relic forests, pastures and numerous glacial lakes. Punching the road to the sea, the rivers made narrow deep canyons in the rocks. Here is the canyon of the Tara River, 1300 m deep (the second deepest after the American Colorado Canyon and the deepest in Europe). To preserve the nature of the highland region, the Montenegrins created here two national parks - Durmitor and Biogradska Gora.

1. Durmitor National Park is an oasis of nature in Montenegro.

 Durmitor National Park is an oasis of nature in Montenegro.

The National Park Durmitor (Nacionalni park) became a national park in 1958, and in 1980 it was included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. On the territory of 39 000 hectares of the nature protection zone there are 18 mountain lakes, amazing flora and fauna, the ski resort of Zabljak, numerous mountain peaks over 2000 meters high, and the highest peak in Montenegro - Bobotov kuk - 2 523m . Here also there are 5 mountain canyons, among which the most famous, the longest and the second deepest in the world canyon of the river Tara. In addition, there are 748 mountain springs in the Durmitor National Park, as well as the famous Ice Cave "Ledena Pećina", where ice stalactites and stalagmites can be seen all year round.

Starting point of the route: Zabljak


A. Overview tour of the Durmitor National Park • 6 hours • Difference in altitude - 650 m
B. Mountain Planinica (2,330 m.) • 5.30 h. • Difference in altitude- 870 m
C. Visit the Ice Cave (2,180 m) • 5.15 h. • Difference in altitude - 900 m. - TOP Tour
D. Mount Bobotov Kuk - the highest peak in Montenegro (2,522 m.) • 5.30 h. • Altitude difference - 950 m. - TOP Tour

Mount Meded (Međed) is located in the south-west side of the Black Lake and towers over the town of Zabljak. From its top an indescribably magnificent view of the forest, mountain lakes and the city of Zabljak itself opens. But one still should climb the top!

The road to the mountain Planinica lies through a valley and a deep canyon, over which beautiful rocks hang on either side. Also here is the famous "Ice Cave", which strikes with its beauty and icy stalactites and stalagmites. A detailed story about the campaign can be read here.

Like a magnet attracts tourists, "Bobotov Cook" - the highest peak in Montenegro. And although its height is only 2,522 meters, this mountain is a serious test for tourists and it cannot be taken by "nag" for sure.

All these trails are deserted, and when you follow them along you will not find locals selling hot food and soft drinks. Therefore, everything you need must be carried with you. All trips to the Durmitor mountain range should be started from the town of Zabljak, where you can spend the night comfortably and relax.

2. Sinjajevina mountain massif - the largest highland pastures in the Balkans.​

Sinjajevina mountain massif - the largest highland pastures in the Balkans.​

The Sinjajevina mountain range is one of the largest mountain regions of Montenegro. It is located between the National Park Durmitor on the left side (Nacionalni Park Durmitor) and the National Park Biogradska Gora on the right (Nacionalni Park Biogradska Gora). You can get here from the settlements of Mojkovac or Kolasin. This wonderful mountain range is actually a highland plateau and the largest highland pasture in the Balkans and is truly a kingdom of plants and grasses, located at an altitude of 1600 meters. However, this plateau has its peaks with a height of 2000 m and more. Particularly interesting for tourists, is the north-eastern part of Sinjajevina. The Sinjajevina mountain range is an unforgettable place in Montenegro for lovers of wildlife.

Starting point: Mojkovac, Kolasin


A. Trekking to Zabojsko lake • 7.00 h. • Altitude difference - 1.070 m. - TOP Tour
B. Visit of the cave Suvi (1,910 m) • 5.15 h. • Altitude difference - 1,100 m.
C. Pilgrimage to the Ružica church • elevation difference - 5.00 h. • 870 m.
D. Jablanov vrh Mountain (2,203 m) • 6.15 h. • Elevation difference - 1,200 m.

3.1. The mountain range of Bjelasica is an enjoyment of space.​

The mountain range of Bjelasica is an enjoyment of space.​

A very interesting place for those who like hiking in Montenegro is the Biogradska Gora national reserve and the Bjelasica mountain range, located between the Lim and Tara rivers in the north-east of the country. The total area of the park is 54 km2, including a forest area of 1,600 ha, slopes and mountain peaks, 6 lakes, one of which, the largest - Biogradsko jezero, is located at the entrance of the park. There are pedestrian and bicycle trails for walks in the park, as well as mountain routes of various complexity leading to the top of the Bjelasica mountain range - Crna Glava peak.

Starting point: Mojkovac, Kolasin, Berane


A. Overview tour of Mount Ključ (1,973 m.) • 7 hours • Elevation difference - 830 m.
B. Walk in the National Park Biogradska gora • 6.30 pm • Elevation difference - 850 m.
C. Zekova glava Mountain (2,117 m.) • 6.30 h. • Elevation difference - 1,300 m.
D. The Crna Glava (2,139 m.) • 8.30 h. • The height difference - 1.430 m. - TOP Tour

Giant trees, hundreds of years old, crystal clear mountain lakes, endless blueberry fields, unique landscapes formed by glaciers - this is the real Montenegrin beauty of "Wildlife" at its best. The National Park "Biogradska Gora" and the Bjelasica mountain range are one of the first nature reserves in the world. A network of hiking trails and attractive bicycle tours pass through endless meadows, fields and dense forests and lead to the peaks of majestic mountains surrounding them. Due to the fairly flat terrain this place is ideal for hiking for families with children and leisurely pedestrians.

3.2. Komovi mountain range - play the "King of the Mountain".​

Горный массив Комови – поиграйте в “Царя Горы”.

The mountain range Komovi, which is one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Montenegro, is also called the "King of the Mountain". It consists of three dominating peaks (Kom Vasojevicki, Kom Kucki and Kom Levorjecki) - majestic and invincible towers of limestone, located near the border with Albania.
The ascent to the peaks of these mountains is quite complicated because of their winding passages and are accessible only to trained and knowledgeable climbers. From the highest peak of the mountain Kom Kucki can be seen almost all of Montenegro and even neighboring countries - Albania, Kosovo, Serbia. Panoramic tour around the Komovi mountain range is very attractive for lovers of hiking and does not require special endurance.

Starting point: Andrijevica, Kolasin


E. Climbing the Kom Vasojevicki Mountain (2,461 m) • 5:00 h. • Elevation difference - 760 m.
F. Kom Kučki (2,487 m) • 7.00 h. • Elevation difference - 830 m.
G. Trekking to the Kom Ljevoriječki mountain (2,465 m.) • 6.30 h. • Elevation difference - 760 m.
H. Panorama tour around the Komovi mountain range • 6.30 pm • elevation difference - 660 m. - TOP Tour

4. Mountains Vojnik, Maganik, Prekornica - lonely mountainous areas in the center of Montenegro.

Mountains Vojnik, Maganik, Prekornica - lonely mountainous areas in the center of Montenegro.

The central region of Montenegro is a region of alpine plateaus with high alpine peaks of Međjeđji vrh, with milder outlines of Vojnik and protruding forms of limestone mountains Maganik and Prekornica. 
High-mountain valleys and plateaus, formed by glaciers, with their abundance of diverse plants, birds and animals, medieval forests, clean mountain air and various paths created an ideal place for true "ecological" tourism in Montenegro. Good equipment, good physical preparation, a stock of food and water is an indispensable and integral part in preparing for the hike. A special highlight of this territory is the monastery Ostrog - a place of pilgrimage of people from all over the world, which was built in the rock in the middle of the 17th century at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

Starting point: Niksic, Shavnik, Danilovgrad, Podgorica


A. Visiting Ostrog monastery • 4.30 pm • height difference - 800 m. -TOP Tour
B. Kula Mountain (1,927 m.) • 6.00 h. • Elevation difference - 1,030 m.
C. Trekking to the Vojnik mountain (1.997 m.) • 6.30 h. • Elevation difference - 992 m.
D. Climbing Mount Međjeđji vrh (2.487 m) • 10 hours • Elevation difference - 1.778 m.

5. Prokletije mountain range - the inhabited mountains in Montenegro on the border with Albania.​

Prokletije mountain range - the inhabited mountains in Montenegro on the border with Albania.

In the National Park Prokletije (Nacionalni Park Prokletije) is located the Prokletie mountain range, in which the highest mountains of the Dinaric Alps are located. Most of the territory is a tremendous world of mighty mountains that stretch along the eastern borders of Montenegro with Albania and further through the territory of Kosovo. The tops of the mountains are characterized by precipitous, steep and almost unconquerable rocky cliffs. Ancient paths and bold, adventurous mountain routes running through the Prokletije National Park are one of the most underdeveloped destinations in Europe. The highest mountains in this region, which can be climbed in Montenegro are Maja Rosit and Maja Kolata.

Starting point: Plav, Gusinje


A. Popadija Mountain (2,057 m) • 4.30 h. • Difference of heights - 899 m.
B. Mount Karanfili (2,490 m) • 7 hours • Elevation difference - 1.334 m.
C. Maja Rosit Mountain (2,524 m) • 7.30 h. • Elevation difference - 1.465 m.
D. Maja Kolata Mountain (2,534 m) • 8 hours • height difference - 1,474 m.

6. Treskavac, Kucka Kraine, Surdup, Radovce, Garats - mountains around the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica.​

Treskavac, Kucka Kraine, Surdup, Radovce, Garats - mountains around the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica.

The tops of the mountains around the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, are one of the popular destinations in Europe for mountain hiking. To the north-west of Podgorica is Mount Garač with its highest peak - Milunova Bobija. To the north of the capital is the high-altitude plateau Radovce (Radovce), 854 m high, with the peaks of Maglić and Kamenik. In the northeast direction you can see Kučka Kraine, which is a western continuation of the Prokletije mountain range. In addition, there is a "Mountain with five peaks" - Treskavac and the highest mountain of this region - Surdup, from which you are guaranteed a magnificent view of most of Montenegro.

Starting point: Danilovgrad, Podgorica, Verusha


A. Mountain top Milunova Bobija (1.436 m.) • 3.30 hours • height difference - 686 m.
B. Mount Maglić (1,560 m) • 4 hours • height difference - 695 m.
C. Climbing Mount Treskavac (2,024 m) • 4.15 h. • Difference in elevation - 670 m.
D. Trekking to the Surdup mountain (2,184 m) • 5 hours • Difference of heights - 900 m. - TOP Tour

7. Mountains of Orijen, Lovcen, Rumia - the beauty and historical sights of the coastal mountains.​

Mountains of Orijen, Lovcen, Rumia - the beauty and historical sights of the coastal mountains.

The mountains of Orijen, Lovcen and Rumia, as part of the Dinaric Alps, form the Southern Montenegrin mountain range and are located along the Adriatic coast. High-mountain climate and special vegetation create the absolutely unique world of Mount Orien. The summit of the mountain ranges of Rumia opens a magnificent panoramic view of the sparkling turquoise Adriatic Sea, the special and enchanting landscapes of Skadar Lake, as well as other mountainous majestic massifs of Montenegro. The fascinating hiking trails pass through Lovcen National Park, ancient cities and fortresses, ethnographic populated objects and numerous historical sights.

Experienced travelers believe that the mountain ranges near the coast is optimal to visit in early spring, when the trees begin to become covered with young greens, and flowers bloom, exuding divine flavors. At this time, the air is filled with the smell of mimosa. To wander spring sometimes on sunny paths and slopes is a real pleasure, especially after winter cold and rains.

This is an ideal place for those who cannot decide whether to spend your vacation on the beach or in the mountains!

Starting point: Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Cetinje, Bar


A. Ascent to the Subra mountain (1,679 m) • 5.30 h. • Elevation difference - 950 m.
B. Mountain path to the fortress of St. Andrew (Sv. Andrija) (736 m.) • 4.30 hours • Elevation change - 750 m. - TOP Tour
C. Ascend to the top of the fortress of St. Ivan near the Old Town of Kotor (1,098 m.) • 2.15 h. • Elevation difference - 240 m. - TOP Tour
D. Visit to the Mausoleum of Njegos in Lovchen National Park (1,657 m) • 6.45 h. • Elevation difference - 800 m. - TOP Tour

8. Njegos, Golija, Bioc, Maglić and Volujak - the western mountains of Montenegro.​

Njegos, Golija, Bioc, Maglić and Volujak - the western mountains of Montenegro.

Insanely beautiful view of the mountains Maglic and Bioc on one of the most beautiful (heart-shaped) mountain lakes of Montenegro-Trnovacko (Trnovačko jezero) burst upon the eye. These mountain ranges are located in the all-western region of Montenegro between the Piva River and the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mountain ranges of Golija, Njegos and Somina in the west of Montenegro are not yet sufficiently explored and protagonists of amateur tourists are therefore a place for true explorers. This region with its high mountain plateau and many historical sites and places of interest has recently entered the national network of pedestrian mountain routes.

Starting point: Pluzine, Niksic


A. The peak of the mountain Njegoš (1,721 m.) • 4.30 h. • The difference in heights - 783 m. -TOP Tour
B. Walking route along the Bioč Massiv mountain range (2.397 m) • 8.30 h. • Elevation difference - 1.346 m.
C. Climbing Mount Maglić (2,386 m.) • 9 hours • Elevation difference - 1,705 m.
D. Volujak Mountain (2,336 m) • 9 hours • Elevation difference - 710 m.

All these mountain hiking trails of Montenegro seem to have collected all the treasures of the world nature - majestic mountains with fantastic and diverse forms of tops, mysterious caves, dense relic forests, severe glaciers, highland flora and fauna, pristine mountain air, inaccessible rocks and deep canyons. In addition, hiking in Montenegro gives you the opportunity to see unusually clean mountain lakes, which the locals call "the eyes of the mountains", as well as rafting - an unforgettable journey through the mountain Montenegrin rivers.

Speleologists, fans of this extreme, climbers, and just lovers of hiking tours are guaranteed to find in Montenegrin mountains a lot of interesting things! However, all the others who simply see the local mountains with their own eyes are fascinated by them so much that it does not matter how high they are and what names they bear! The surrounding beauty just captures the spirit, and I want to forget about everything! It's not enough to read about the mountains in Montenegro, you have to come here and try it yourself!
Map of mountain pedestrian roads in Montenegro

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