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If you travel all over Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, and no longer feel the adrenaline when hunting in your native forests, it’s time to try your hand in the European countries. Among them, in our opinion, one of the best options is friendly Montenegro:
  • First, the tourists from the former Soviet Union are always welcome here,
  • Second, the country with visa-free regime,
  • Third, hunting in Montenegro is unique because of compact arrangement of several climatic zones, variety of land and plenty of game.

Weather conditions in Montenegro are comfortable enough for hunting. In autumn and winter, the thermometer is kept around 10 degrees above zero, practically not falling below 5 degrees. Of course, in mountains the temperature can be lower, it snows, but when hunting in the plains and on holiday in the town, you will feel the favorable warm climate. In autumn and winter, in the local forests and mountains a huge number of animals and birds inhabit there, and, believe me, the wild nature of Montenegro will be opened before you in all its glory.

Hunting in Montenegro is a variety of both fauna and birds, as well as the surrounding nature.

The proximity of the sea, relict forests, high plains, a large number of mountain lakes, majestic mountains (2000 m), a unique flora and fauna, wildlife of Balkans and developed infrastructure at the same time attract many tourists-hunters. Meeting with the country begins with many beaches and coastal towns, and continued on foot or bicycle hiking in national parks, to the glacial lakes or to the mountain slopes and ridges in the central part of Montenegro. The locals are always very welcome guests and help them in any difficult situation.

Hunting in Montenegro - a centuries-old traditions and customs.

In the Balkans freedom-loving people have lived, who always fought for their independence. Weapons in the country treasured and passed down from generation to generation. It is today found in many homes, but more often as a family heirloom.

Hunting in Montenegro - the simplicity of preparation and execution.

The preparation of the trip takes only a few days - you just have to decide how many days you want to spend in the Balkans and for what game you are going to hunt. The local representative will hold all the preparatory work for you. He will meet you in Montenegro, and will be your guide and consultant throughout the trip. To search the prey you go with a local hunter who knows the local traditions and laws. He will give all the necessary instructions before the trip, provide weapons, ammunition and equipment. And, of course, during the hunt you will get answers to all questions. Visa to Montenegro is not necessary and you only buy tickets and go by plane for the new trophies. A related language will allow Russian citizen to feel at home here.

The cost of the license in Montenegro is different depending on the place of hunting. For example, in Danilovgrad, on the grounds of which wild boars, hares, foxes, wolves, woodcock, quail and other game dwell, the license will cost 100 euros per day. However, the number of bird game is not limited in this case. In Danilovgrad, by the way, hunters from Italy, Spain, France and other European countries like to come.

It’s better to stay in the hotel or hunting lodge, near the places of hunting. Next to many hunting grounds in Montenegro modern hotels are built. For the amount of 25 euros per day you can rent a nice room for a comfortable stay. Fly to Montenegro with your personal weapon is also possible, but it is necessary to send in advance its data to the local representative by e-mail, and they handle the issue with the customs service.

While hunting in Montenegro, tourists do not only learn about the wildlife, but also man-made or natural monuments of national and even global scale. On the territory there are the largest religious attractions of the country - Ostrog monastery, situated in the rock, and the Cetinje monastery. There is a National Park "Lovcen" with the mausoleum of Njegos, the spiritual ruler of Montenegro is nearby, "Durmitor" and "Skadar Lake", where you can enjoy fishing. And the ancient town Martinichka-Gradina, the remains of which have survived to the present day, celebrates 1,000 years.

Complete hunting tour and celebrate the getting of prey we advise you in any restaurant with national cuisine, offering traditional Montenegrin food and local alcoholic drink - "Rakija". A Balkan toast "Zhiveli" ("Cheers") will give you a good parting words from the Montenegrin colleagues and a constant reminder of the beautiful and hospitable Balkan country.

Hunt with pleasure!
Hunting season in Montenegro

Hunting season on animals and birds is determined by local law in Montenegro. The table below will help you to understand the choice of the optimal date of the flight to Montenegro.

Animal hunting season in Montenegro 
 Big Game - Hunting period
Deer (buck) 1 October - 31 December
Fallow deer (buck) 1 October - 31 December
Roe 1 June - 31 July
Chamois 1 October - 31 December
Moufflon (buck) 1 October - 31 December
Wild boar 1 September - 31 January
Wolf 1 September - 31 January

 Small game - Hunting period
Badger 1 August  - 30 November
Wildcat 1 November - 31 December
Beech marten 1 October - 31 January
European pine marten 1 October - 31 January
Weasel 1 October - 31 January
Polecat 1 October - 31 January
Hare 1 October - 31 December
Loir 1 October - 30 November
Squirrel 1 October - 30 November
Fox 1 August - 31 January
Jackal 1 September - 31 January
Bird hunting season in Montenegro
 Bird - Hunting period
Pheasant 1 October - 31 January
Rock partridge 1 October - 31 December
Quail 1 August  - 31 October
Woodcock 1 October - 31 December
Snipe 1 October - 31 December
Ringdove 1 August - 31 December
Wild rock dove 1 August - 31 December
European turtle dove 1 August - 31 December
Wild goose 1 November - 15 January
Wild duck 1 October - 15 January
Tufted duck 1 October - 15 January
Bald-coot 1 October - 15 January

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