Katic and Holy Sunday Islands

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There are more than 14 offshore islands in Montenegro, and, in addition, small islands on Skadar Lake and in the Bay of Kotor. Each of these islands is beautiful and does not look like the others - and here are rocky islands and the islands with golden beaches, the island with dense vegetation and ancient fortresses.

Katic and Holy Sunday Islands (Montenegrin - Svete Nedelje) are amazing, compact and rocky islands in the bay of Petrovac, which are located very close to each other. They are located near the tourist town of Petrovac, opposite the city beach - distance from the coastline is only one kilometer. Every tourist, visiting the town of Petrovac, has a great opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscape, boundless expanse of the Adriatic Sea and given islands.

Katic and Holy Sunday Islands in Petrovac are almost perpendicular to the coastline, and if you look at them from the city beach, then one island covers another one. But if you go to the edge of the town of Petrovac, to one of the distant beaches, the islands of Holy Sunday and Katic will appear before you in all their glory.

How to get to the island?

To reach the islands one can only by water. At the city beach, or on the pier you can rent a boat, a cutter, a kayak or catamaran and reach the islands on your own or with the help of a guide. But some experienced swimmers and daredevils get to the island by swimming (remember that there is 1 km from the coast to the islands).
 During the trip, you can forget about the everyday hustle and leisure, enjoy the tranquility, great views of beautiful nature, clean air and wonderful atmosphere.

Why are the islands so attractive?

Without a doubt, Petrovac and its surrounding islands of Katic and Holy Sunday are one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro. But not only because of this fact, the islands could become a well-known even outside Montenegro.

Holy Sunday Island is one of the most interesting islands in the world, which is certainly remembered by everyone who ever saw him alive. Residents of the town of Petrovac tell an interesting legend about the island of Holy Sunday and the church of the same name on it.

Long ago, there was a strong storm in the that destroyed a ship and crew. Only a few sailors miraculously survived and were able to find refuge on the small stone island. As a sign of gratitude to the Lord for their salvation in the storm, they built a small church (chapel) on this place. Shipwreck happened on Sunday (in Montenegrin word sounds like "nedelja"), respectively, and the church was called Svete Nedelje (Holy Sunday). At present, the locals believe that the church and the island of Holy Week protect each sailor in these places.

 An earthquake in the second half of the XX century, destroyed many architectural sights not only in Petrovac, but around the whole Montenegro, and it didn’t spare the little church either, and now it is dilapidated. But despite this, in chapel the bells still can be rung, and the church is illuminated at night and looks simply amazing.

Katic Island is a small, rocky and uninhabited areas of land. Despite this, a few pines still managed to adapt to the difficult conditions of existence on Katic. There is also a beacon pointing the way to mariners.

Take a chance to walk on the islands of Katic and Holy Sunday, enjoying beautiful scenery, tranquility and time to spend alone with the closest people, because such a possibility happens quite rarely nowadays. Get convinced, that all this splendor and diversity will charge you only with positive emotions and give a true delight and admiration of what you see.

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