Horse riding in Montenegro

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Winter walks on horses in Montenegro. Riding in Montenegro in winter. Horse riding school.

Since the moment when a person first tamed a horse, this animal is considered one of the noblest in the whole world. Earlier horses were mainly used for work or as a transport, and recently their unique energy was used for medical purposes. While communicating with these energetic, stately, graceful and devoted animals, a person releases negative thoughts, relaxes and receives a lot of positive emotions. Communication of a rider with a horse can be compared with a dialogue of two loyal friends, and a walk through the pure frosty air in a company of such a pleasant and agreeable companion - with a full psychotherapeutic session.

Lifehack: Hippocrates advised riding on horses because this activity "frees you from dark thoughts and causes cheerful and clear ones"!

Winter walks on horses in Montenegro. Riding in Montenegro in winter. Horse riding school.

Historical reference.

For the first time the horse was under the saddle of a man in Asia; attributed this to one of the Scythian tribes. The Europeans borrowed this mode of transport from the Persians, mainly for military purposes, and immediately achieved great art in this respect; great popularity was used by the Thessalian and Thracian cavalry; This was facilitated by the establishment in Greece, and later Rome and special academies of riding. It must be noted, however, that during the Roman rule the cavalry was only a subsidiary kind of weapon and in general was not sufficiently qualified. It was the art of riding that could not reach a great height, because both Greeks and Romans traveled without saddles and stirrups, and without sufficient confidence in landing they therefore could not have had a successful military application of this skill. Nevertheless, their landing was practical and easy. Her change followed the invention of the saddle, and then, later, heavy knight armor. Then the changes in the riding were determined by the military and tactical requirements imposed on the cavalry, in respect of the same amateurs - the requirements of the fashion for this or that kind of riding sport.

Features of riding in different peoples.

Horse riding since its introduction from civilized nations sharply divided into two kinds: the simple use of a horse without prior training and education, using only certain techniques designed to subordinate its will to the will of the rider, and riding horses prepared for this purpose by the well-known rules of the famous school. Oriental peoples mostly used the first way, being natural cavalrymen, who were familiar with horses from a small age. In this way, all Asian peoples, South Americans (cowboys), partly Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks and indigenous people of the Caucasus, as well as most self-taught riders, for example, farmers, peasants, etc., travel to this day.

Horseback riding in Montenegro: rest for the soul and body at any time of the year.​

Today, equestrian sport is gaining popularity in Montenegro as a type of leisure and active recreation among the local population and numerous tourists visiting the country. Horseback riding in Montenegro is an excellent opportunity to relax physically and morally, get a positive emotional charge, improve overall health and well-being, and relieve stress and get rid of the depressions that often accompany the life of a modern person. Also, during horseback riding in Montenegro, you can wonderfully distract from everyday bustle and worries, be surrounded by wild nature, enjoy magnificent surrounding landscapes, breathe the cleanest mountain air, get a charge of positive energy from devoted animals, make new acquaintances, improve posture and much You control the horse, you strengthen the will power, develop the character, not to mention that during the trip you train all muscle groups and develop coordination of movements. Active 45-60-minute horse riding equates to a thousand exercises on the press and a hundred push-ups. In addition, riding a horse is useful for the spine, especially if you follow sedentary lifestyle.

Horseback riding in Montenegro is relevant at any time of the year, and as a rule, they are suitable for everyone without exception, regardless of age, gender, status and physical condition. But still very popular horse riding in the winter. That's why we offer to all who have not yet tried to experience the charm and huge benefit of communication with horses in winter, because in Montenegro at this time of year there is a huge choice of pleasure horse routes of varying complexity and extent: these can be beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast , such as Velika plaza in Ulcinj, Ada Bojana, Jaz or the forests of the National parks Lovcen, Skadar Lake, Biogradska Gora and Durmitor, various areas around the mountain lakes, endless plains or numerous rivers bty mountain ranges Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Komovi, Piva, etc .. Well, if during the walk anyone is hungry, it is possible to make a halt and a snack in the areas for relaxation or a local restaurant.

The time spent with horses always leaves a lot of pleasant emotions and sensations that you always want to share with someone. So do not forget to invite your relatives and friends to horseback rides. And how romantic it is to ride horses on a horse in love with a couple in the forest surrounded by natural tranquility - the atmosphere of such walks will benefit any relationship.

Lifehack: Horse riding is not only a way of active rest, but also a method of restoring your strength after hard working days, stress removal, psycho-emotional stress, improving mood, and maintaining the body in tone.​

And how nice to go to the horizon and the endless blue sky on a clear snow blanket, in the silence and tranquility of a winter day. The sun's light falls on the snow-white surface and brightly reflects from it with a silver luster. And in this radiance only the slight crunching of the snow under the hoofs of a horse is audible. Your faithful companion is confidently walking along the boundless snowy expanse ... Of course, such wonderful moments cannot be forgotten and they must be experienced in their lives.

Having tried it all, you will definitely want to repeat this walk again and again.

Winter horseback riding in Montenegro: useful information.

If you are not yet familiar with the wonderful world of horses, then Montenegro is the ideal place to catch up ... In this hospitable country you are waited by incredibly beautiful winter landscapes, clean mountain air and silence, as well as experienced coaches and instructors, which will certainly teach you to find a common language with horses. All animals in the equestrian centers are well-groomed, well-traveled and trained, so communication with them will not bring any problems - whether you are a beginner or already a professional in horse riding, you will always find a suitable horse. The most important thing is to learn to feel and understand the horse.

Most beginners try to blame the horse when something does not work out. Of course it's easier, but this action is not very correct - we did not start running in childhood right from the first days of your birth? At first we learned to crawl, then sit, stand, move from foot to foot, take our first steps, and after a while we just began to run slowly. We also have horse riding, first we have to learn how to sit (keep balance), feel the horse, adjust to its rhythm of walking, then go to the trot, the trot also needs to catch its rhythm of running, since the trot is very important for proper landing and balance. Further gallop - one of the most exciting gaits, because it is at a gallop that a person begins to "fly" as if on wings. As the saying goes, "God did not give man wings, but He gave a horse." 

Also in Montenegro, if desired, in certain equestrian centers you can learn to ride without a saddle and without a bridle.

However, there are occasions when a person is frightened of a horse and refuse to ride. In this case, no one will drag on the horse forcibly (and the horse itself won’t be delighted). The way out of such situations is simple and there is practically every equestrian center in Montenegro - a trip is organized on a carriage or on a sleigh drawn by horses. A trip on a sleigh with a fast horse in a harness will bring a lot of joyful moments. The crunch of snow under runners, clean air, snow-covered landscapes, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. So do not forget about your family and friends, with them these wonderful moments will become even more pleasant.

Lifehack: do not forget the camera - it will definitely come in handy here to capture all the bright moments.

How is the winter walk on horses goes in Montenegro?​

After getting acquainted with the walking routes offered by us, many customers have a question concerning organizational arrangements. First of all, it should be noted that winter walks are held in fresh air at a temperature of + 15 ° C (on the coast) to -15 ° C (in the northern regions). It is for this reason, before you go on the route, you need to carefully choose a comfortable and suitable clothing. If you have not been keen on horseback riding in the winter, you can consult with our instructors on this issue using the feedback form on the site or in the "Guide around Montenegro" on Google Play.

How to dress properly for a winter trip?

The main thing during winter walks on horses is not to be afraid to freeze and it's natural to dress warmly. Since walks can take place at low temperatures (to -15 °C below), it is necessary to warm up well, for a comfortable time. We recommend to dress for this weather with thermal underwear, warm and waterproof pants, warm socks, winter boots without a heel or a minimum heel (preferably the shin was closed as high as possible), gloves, scarf. It is necessary to wear a hard hat on your head, as the wind at this time of year is very strong and can easily chill unprotected ears. The same applies to the areas of the chest and neck, because to catch a cold in the wind is simple, but then to treat is not the most pleasant occupation. It is very important to ensure that during the trip, no part of the body can bare because of a long stay in the saddle. This can happen with the lower back and the shin. Therefore, it is very important to close tightly all parts of the body, thus ensuring a comfortable rest.

Well, if you picked up the right "outfit", then you can easily transfer even fierce frosts to the company of a wise and graceful animal. By the way, the body of horses during the movement generates a quantity of heat comparable to a good heater.

Lifehack: The choice of proper equipment depends on the safety of the rider, so do not neglect the advice of professionals.

Immediately before the walk, the instructor conducts a sightseeing tour around the stables of the club. There you can get acquainted with the horses and their daily life - what they eat, where and how they sleep, how they are watched, and maybe even see how they are shod.

The next stage of preparation for a walk involves a direct acquaintance with your horse. By this time, the horse is likely to be completely ready for a walk, but at the request of the client, the coach can conduct a master class, which includes cleaning, saddle and other procedures.

An equally important stage of horse walks in the winter is detailed instruction, which includes acquaintance with the rules of behavior with the animal. Even if you are new to the world of riding, at this stage you will receive basic knowledge and your further communication with horses will go smoothly, without any excesses.

The next stage will be learning to sit on a horse properly, communicate with an animal, and also how to sit properly while riding and trotting.

Lifehack: If you want to learn how to sit properly in the saddle and ride, then you need to start training in the arena, here you will not be distracted by extraneous landscapes and will be able to concentrate on the instructor's recommendations.

The most pleasant and interesting stage is the walk in nature itself. You will get an incredible pleasure, regardless of the choice of walking route. If necessary, the coach will be in close proximity to take control of the horse in their experienced hands at the right time and prevent trouble. But anyway, experts recommend that you first pass at least the first stages of training, which will allow you to feel more confident in the saddle.

Then comes the stage of learning to ride gallop, as well as mastering the skills of riding with different gaits. After successful passage of all stages of training and practical training, you can, if you want, learn to take obstacles on a horse.

Lifehack: Concentration is the key to a successful horse ride. That is why during riding on a horse, it is necessary to exclude distractions completely.

As stated earlier, the safety of both the rider and the steed depends to a large extent on the choice of proper equipment. Therefore, before you go for a walk, you need to remember a few simple rules: In the autumn-spring period, sports trousers or jeans will fit for riding. Too loose, tight or long clothes will interfere with your movements, so it is best left for another occasion; In windy and frosty weather it is necessary to take care of the availability of gloves and a headdress. The hat should sit securely on the head and cover the ears without restricting the view, and the gloves should ensure tight contact with the reins; When choosing shoes, preference is given to warm winter boots on thick soles. Heels, spurs, rivets and other accessories should be excluded; As an outer garment, an excellent option is a down jacket made of membrane fabric. It will become for you a reliable protection against wind and precipitation. If in the future you plan to seriously engage in horseback riding, then you will need gloves, special boots, breeches, children will also need a helmet.

Where can you ride horses in Montenegro?​

You live in Montenegro or come on vacation and with each passing day more and more you want to ride horses but do not know where ... We can easily answer this question!

As we said earlier, in winter it is possible to ride horses in Montenegro on the coast on various beaches or parks, and in the central part of the country in the National Reserves: Lovcen, Durmitor, Biogradska Gora.

Various horse centers, riding clubs and equestrian schools are organized throughout Montenegro. You can read about them on the pages of our website or in the "Montenegrin guide" (Google Play). For example, on the coast there is the equestrian sports center Budva, located between Budva and Tivat. In the central part of Montenegro, our long-term partner - the tourist organization "Explorer" represents its services of horse walks.

In addition, you can send a request to us personally through the booking form and we will be happy to pick up a suitable tour or route for you at reasonable prices.

Winter horseback riding in Montenegro is not just a new and incredibly interesting way to spend your leisure time, but also a unique opportunity to relax, to enjoy communication with graceful and strong animals.

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