Jeep Safari in Montenegro

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Jeep trips around Montenegro. Jeep safari in Montenegro.

Fans of active and extreme holidays! Here it is, rest in Montenegro specifically for you - jeep trips at any time of the year to different places in Montenegro!
Jeep trips around Montenegro. Jeep safari in Montenegro.
On maneuverable and high-speed jeeps, under the guidance of experienced guides and drivers, you will set off on a fabulous journey through Montenegro, overcoming along the way many obstacles: steep hills and descents, icy mountain streams, wood and stone blockages, impassable forest trails and impassable swamp bogs. Having risen to the height of the bird's flight, you can enjoy the fascinating views that open from the mountain peaks. During the trip you will feel like a real explorer-pioneer, and the purest healing mountain air will only strengthen your impressions. Winter trips on jeeps in Montenegro are shrouded in even greater mystery, filled with unforgettable natural beauties and literally imbued with a fairy tale.

Jeep safari in Montenegro in the winter is a diverse and unforgettable trip on "off-road cars" throughout the territory of this mountainous country with incredibly picturesque nature. Most of the routes pass through unpopulated areas with pristine nature, which gives them a special charm.

For trips to Montenegro on jeeps choose such places as:
  • The mountain massifs of Belasiсa, Durmitor, Komovi, Sinjavina, Moraca, Prokletije and others;
  • National reserves and parks: Durmitor, Lovcen, Biogradska Gora, Skadar Lake;
  • Forest tracts and endless plains of the central part of Montenegro;
  • Difficult and sometimes dangerous places in the northern regions of the country;
  • Romantic landscapes and chic panoramic views of the Adriatic coast.
Jeep rides in Montenegro.  Jeep safari in Montenegro.  Jeep Safari in Durmitor.  Jeep safari through the territory of the National Park Biogradska Gora in Montenegro.
As a rule, up to the parking lot of SUVs first get on the bus (sightseeing or ordinary) or car. In most cases, the organizers themselves provide transportation, which takes tourists directly from their hotels.

Arriving at the place, people gather in certain groups of 4-6 people (depending on the type of SUV) and are transferred to jeeps. Immediately need to prepare and get a camera or phone, since it is from this moment an exciting journey in jeeps in Montenegro begins. Narrow dirt roads, which sometimes pass along the terrible cliffs on one side and rest against the sheer wall of the mountain on the other, make the trip even more extreme. Yes, and the driver himself sometimes rides so close to the precipice that he is already capturing the spirit ...

Jeep trips are not very fast, so watching the surrounding nature is a pleasure. Here you will need a camera to capture and preserve all this splendor.

Lifehack: Off-road and serpentines sometimes make people felt sick, so if someone is car-sick, it is better to take in advance pills from motion sickness or not to choose this kind of travel.

Jeep trips in Montenegro can also be combined with other sports and outdoor activities: skiing, rafting, camping, snowmobiling, walking tours, etc ... Also, during some stops, you can also enjoy horseback riding.

The cost of trips on SUVs is different at all companies, depends on the route and the transport provided and is usually from 50 to 120 euros per person!
Some programs for jeep trips in Montenegro.

1. Jeep safari in the National Park Biogradska Gora.

A trip to Belasica Mountain, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe, is one of the most popular in Montenegro. The Biogradska National Park is located in the funnel-shaped valley of the Biogradska River, occupies an area of about 2500 hectares and has been protected by the state for a hundred years. It is simply strewn with glacial lakes and springs with the purest water, and fresh mountain air that fills the space, as if intoxicates.

The Biogradska mountain reserve is one of the few places where the intact ecosystem of European mountain forests has been preserved. For centuries on Mount Belasica all natural processes proceeded without interference of the person. The most remarkable thing is, of course, vegetation! Such an abundance of greenery you just will not see anywhere! A rich plant world, an incredible number of mesmerizing reservoirs, various kinds of mammals and birds ... The scientists determined that 25 groups of plants and 64 tree species with trunks older than 500 years and reaching heights up to 60 meters are present on the reserve territory.

During the trip you will see all the diversity of the National Park Biogradska Gora: incredibly beautiful lakes, rocks, picturesque slopes and mighty peaks. Also you will see the largest Biogradsko lake of glacial origin, which is located at an altitude of 1094 meters above sea level. In addition, there are numerous photo pauses in the most beautiful places: Ezerina, Zekova Glava, Lake Pesica, Ursulovacko Lake - the highest and inaccessible glacial lake on Belasica Mountain. For those wishing to go horse riding there is such an option. Also you will visit traditional shepherd's settlements "katuny" and get acquainted with the life of highlanders of the country. At the end of the program, there is a lunch of national dishes and drinks.

The stunning beauty of the national park in Montenegro does not leave anyone indifferent.

Lifehack: It is strongly recommended to take along comfortable shoes, sports clothing, sunscreen, headdress, water, camera.

2. Jeep safari in the National Park Durmitor (the most popular and longest jeep tour).​

A trip on SUVs to the highest peaks of the National Park "Durmitor" – Better then mountains can be only mountains, which have not yet been visited.
Jeep Safari in Durmitor National Park (the most popular and longest jeep tour).  Winter jeep safari in Montenegro.  Winter jeep trips in Montenegro.  Jeep tour of Montenegro.
The route begins in the town of Zabljak and passes through Pošćenski Kraj, where you can see Pošćensko jezero, Modro jezero and Valovito Jezero. Further, the path goes to the mountain pass of the foot of Stozina peak and Sedlo, 1908 meters above sea level. After that you will see one of the most beautiful peaks of Durmitor - Prutas, with a height of 2393 meters.

Further there are two variants of the route: visit the town of Plouzine, Mratinje dam and the Pivsky Monastery, go directly to the most beautiful village in Piva, Nedajno, after which, visit the wonderful Sushitsky Canyon, the authentic village of Mala Crna Gora, Bosaca. After that, the road goes back to Zabljak.

This route abounds in places that will deprive you of the gift of speech!

3. Canyon Curowac (length: 15 km)
Time: 1.5 hours

4. Djurdjevic Bridge, the Tara River (length: 25 km.)
Time: 1,5 -2 hours

On Tara at your disposal is the highest in Europe cable car Zip-line and rafting.

5. Peak Saddle (length: 15 km)
Time: 1.5 hours

6. The peak Prutas (length: 30 km.)
Time: 2-2,5 hours

7. Jeep tour around the shortest and fastest river in Europe Ljutica (length: 28 km.)

8. Canyon of the river Susice.

This is a very beautiful and diverse tour. Throughout the route there are many attractions and beautiful places worthy to see with your own eyes. The village of Mala Crna Gora is particularly distinguished, it is a national village where about 50 people now live and which every year for several winter months are completely cut off from the rest of the world due to snowdrifts. In the middle of the last century there were about 400 inhabitants in this village and there was even a school, but there was still winter isolation from the rest of the world, although it certainly was much easier than today ...

9. The Tara River - Radovan Luke

Jeep tour of Radovan Luke, through the village of Tpca. This is a 24-kilometer trip on off-road vehicles, which includes descending down the steep canyon of Tara - which gives this trip the most acute sensations.

A high level of adrenaline here is guaranteed 100%!

10. Canyon Nevidio (length: 30 km.)

During a trip by jeeps along the canyon of Nevidio it is possible to try this kind of extreme rest, like canyoning - the pedestrian overcoming of the canyon. This is a rather dangerous form of recreation, as the route passes along a mountain river with various elevations, and after the beginning of the trek it will be impossible to return back. Throughout the route you will be accompanied by experienced guides, who have already overcome this path.

There are still very many such routes in Montenegro for trips on jeeps. About some of them you can find out on the pages of our website or in the " Guide around Montenegro / Way to Montenegro" app on Google Play. If you are interested in any special tour, a trip on SUVs or have any questions on this topic, then you can find out all the information in our personal form using the feedback form.

Jeep trips through Montenegro will give you unforgettable emotions without a doubt, a huge amount of memorable photos, and a very tasty cocktail of impressions.

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