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With the help of our website you may not only find and book a plane ticket quickly (Aviasales), rent a suitable accommodation (Booking), order a taxi around the city or transfer from / to the airport, rent a car at reasonable prices only from trusted companies and much more, BUT return some of the spent money in the form of points on your bonus account...

According to our agreement with the companies Booking, Aviasales, etc. we can do a refund from each of your booking from our site or Application "Way to Montenegro", which you can download from the Google Play. At the moment, the amount of refunds is from 1% to 5%, depending on the partner company and its conditions. It means that with each of your paid purchases on our website or in the application you receive back some of the spent money in the form of bonus points, which in the future can be exchanged for topping up of mobile phone accout, as well as for buying prizes and gifts on our site. How can it be done? It's pretty simple...

First and foremost, to get some of the spent money back, you need to book services not directly through our partners' sites, but through their widgets on our website or in the application "Your way to Montenegro":

1. Search and booking of airline tickets -
2. Search and rental of accommodation -
3. Rent a car -
4. Order a taxi or a transfer -
5. Search and booking of excursions -
6. Bicycle rental -
7. Motorcycle rental -

To get bonus points you need:
  • Go on or download free application Your way to Montenegro on the AppStore and Google Play;
  • Sign up, to get bonus points on your personal account in the future;
  • Go to the desired section, enter the necessary information to search goods and services in the fields of the widget and click on the "Find" button;
  • Go to the page of our partner with already entered data, select the object / service you like and book it according to all the rules of the partner company;
  • Send us an e-mail with information about your purchase - the order of purchase, name, date of booking, city, the cost of booking, as well as the e-mail address you provided when signing up on our website or in the App.

 After that we will inform you the actual amount of the refund and calculate it in the form of points to your bonus account on our website.

Bonuses received back from the booking can be used in several ways:
  • for topping up mobile account;
  • for buying prizes and gifts on our website;
  • to pay for goods and services at our partners in Montenegro.
You can use our site to pay for goods or book a variety of services not only in Montenegro, but also all over the world, and we will honestly pay back your discount, which in time will become only more...

Use with pleasure and save your money! smiley


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