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 For Russian tourists Montenegro has become the most desirable resort destination in recent years. Every year more and more people come here to enjoy special beaches, stunning views and beauty, warm water of the Adriatic Sea. Of course, the first problem that arises before a tourist is where to stay? Here we solve this question: there are a lot of options for the time of vacation. Simple hotels are available for tourists at reasonable prices, as well as luxury villas and apartments.

Prices for accommodation.

 Montenegro hotels are attractive for visitors due to their affordability – prices here are lower than in hotels in Russian resorts, and the quality of services is at a high level. Prices for hotels in Montenegro with a sandy beach "all inclusive" have become a significant factor in favor of choosing this destination for recreation. For example, the room in the Obala Zelena 3 * hotel in Montenegro may cost 50-100 euros per night, and this is an average, not an exception. You can find more affordable prices.

Hotels and Hostels in Montenegro.

A lot of people are aimed for rest to the fullest, so they are looking for the best options of hotels offering high-quality service and food. These are mainly establishments with 4 and 5 stars. For example, hotels such as Vile Oliva 4 *, Sentido tara 4 *, Butua Hotel 4 *, Iberostar Bellevue 4 *, Slovenska Plaza 4 *, Bella Vista 4 *, Slovenska Plaza 4 * Hotel, Tatjana 4 *, Avala Resort Villas 4, Montenegro Beach Resort 4 are great options. “All inclusive” category is the best option for tourists who do not even want to think about concerns of their holidays, but simply intend to relax and enjoy a short rest. They are Iberostar Bellevue, Iberostar Bouganville Playa and Montenegro, Alexandar 3 *, Porto Montenegro and Avala Star Resort, Montenegrino and others.

Hotels for rest with children.

 Montenegro is not a noisy resort, where you can constantly see a lot of fans having fun. More tourists come to Croatia, but here people prefer a relaxed peaceful rest. Especially in demand there are hotels, designed for rest with children, where in a pleasant atmosphere, you can spend the holidays with the whole family. Each resort has a number of hotels that are designed specifically for such a holiday, and there are all conditions for a comfortable and safe staying of children. There are places like: Aquarius 3 *, Aleksandar 3 stars, Hotel Slovenska Plaza 3 *, Obala Zelena 3, Mediteran Hotel 4, Castellastva 4, Queen of Montenegro, Jomtien Thani Hotel, Splendid Conference SPA Resort, Tatjana 4 *.

Reservation of rooms.

 Tourism is the main direction of Montenegro's economic development. Here everything is aimed at giving the tourists maximum entertainment and pleasure, Alexander Hotel (Budva, Montenegro), Iberostar, Slavyansk Plaza, Splendid and the Montenegro Hotel (Becici, Montenegro) may boast of such services. Clean beaches, strewn with sand, warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, mountains with beautiful views, stunning lakes allow you to choose the most suitable form of recreation depending on the spiritual and physical condition. In the hotels of Montenegro, the entire assortment of amenities, typical for hotels with high-class service, is offered. At the height is the local entertainment infrastructure. Every day is full of variety of excursions, holidays and festivals. The staff involved in the service of family hotels, knows how to entertain not only adults, but children as well.

Tourists speaking Russian, at the location of Montenegro, learn interesting facts: here many residents speak Russian, and the prices of services are much lower than in European hotels. In Montenegro reservation of hotel rooms is available for any budget.
Five-star hotels are ready to provide high-quality service and appropriate equipment, as well as stunning rooms. Usually for each number in such institutions, an individual style of decoration is chosen. The location of five-star hotels is such that the main attractions are in close proximity, or very close to the seaside, which allows you to enjoy the view of the sea and the beach. Especially popular is the resort of Budva and all the hotels located there. Here the nightlife is lively, and not only in clubs and bars, but also on the street. Tourists and locals can have fun thanks to the variety of treats and entertainment, as well as the many multicolored lights that illuminate the night resort. In the afternoon, there are guided tours, beach holidays or casino visits.

Each hotel in Montenegro has its own restaurant, the mandatory program of which is to offer international and national cuisine. There is an abundance of seafood and fish assortment. It is offered to enjoy and excellent local wine.

Three-star hotels provide rooms of excellent quality at affordable prices. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose to stay in hotels in quiet or noisy areas. Many hotels are built on the coast, so they have fenced beaches. In such an institution, the room is necessarily equipped with everything that a guest can only need.

Cost of rent in Montenegro.

On the page of our website, as well as with the help of various online hotel reservation services in Montenegro, you can choose from among all accommodation options the one that will be most suitable. For two people double rooms are available, the cost of which is:

5 * - 250-300 $ per day;
4 * - 40-200 $ per day;
3 * - 35-160 $ per day;
1-2 * - 30-60 $ per day.

 In some hotels there is a possibility of cancellation for free. Usually, for certain types of cancellation penalties are provided.

Seasonal availability of rooms.

 Montenegro is one of the European countries that combines an unusual excursion program and a modern beach holiday with complete comfort. In many places of the country there are monuments of ancient culture, churches, monasteries and other shrines. Tourists like to visit the fortresses and castles, which were built during the defense against the Turkish invaders. In this country, picturesque nature is different, so it has become a favorite holiday destination for visitors from all over the world, and for Russians too. Here you can not only enjoy the views and beauties, but also try all kinds of entertainment and sports programs.

 Naturally, most of the tourists come here during the summer, during vacations and holidays, but the best time to visit this beautiful country can be called May and September. This time is characterized by a smaller influx of tourists, not such a strong heat, due to which the rest becomes much more comfortable. In June there is quite calm too. In October, the water in the sea is still warm, so at this time the resort is also in demand.

 It is not recommended to go to Montenegro in late autumn or early spring, as this time is accompanied by long and heavy rains that do not allow you to enjoy the walks in historical places to the fullest. Winter vacation in Montenegro is also very attractive. Air temperature at this time fluctuates within 20 degrees, so it is not cold. Oranges grow on trees, the weather is good, but you should not swim. Snow, lying at this time in the mountains, allows you skiing.

Hotels on the coast.

 The beach resorts of Montenegro are located on the Adriatic coast. The most mass concentration of resort areas is observed in the Budva Riviera, to the west of Kotor Bay is the most beautiful place in the country. The largest resorts are Budva, Kotor, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac.

 Budva is the capital of the administrative center, which has a similar name. This city is beyond competition in terms of quality among all other beach resorts. There are sandy and fine sandy beaches, both requiring payment and free. Here is a variety of architectural objects that attract tourists. The most interesting is the night life of the resort - a lot of restaurants, bars, clubs. This resort is more focused on the youth audience, since the main activity here boils at night. All club parties have a determined Slavic flavor.

 Kotor is a small town located in Kotor Bay. Here is the most beautiful nature, pebbly beaches and rich excursion program, eclipsing other cities. There are also the most inexpensive hotels in Montenegro, having 4 stars. Here everything has a calm contemplative pastime.

 Becici is a small town located an hour's walk from Budva. There is a pebble beach, new hotels, cafes, restaurants. Most of the beaches are equipped with sports grounds, equipped in a special way. Regular competitions are organized for beach sports.

 Saint Stefan is a non-standard hotel complex, which historically was a military fort. They did not touch the external architecture, but they converted the inner rooms into fashionable rooms. This resort offers the most expensive rooms in Montenegro.

 Petrovac is a city surrounded by thickets of olive trees. It is a resort for a relaxing holiday, where there is no unnecessary noise. It's best to have a family vacation with children, and local hotels provide opportunities for tourists with any income.

Hostels and apartments in Montenegro.

 This type of accommodation can be called optimal for a limited holiday budget. Usually, this way of accommodation is decided by tourists who intend to see the city or the whole country, and not stay in the hotel. The rooms of such guests are equipped with all necessary equipment. The establishments provide barbecue areas, restaurants and bars are open, playrooms, playgrounds, etc. are equipped. Before booking a room, you must specify the possibility of accommodation with pets.

Apartments, villas, cottages, VIP hotels in Montenegro.

 Renting an apartment is a good alternative to booking rooms in standard hotels. This option is preferable for many tourists, because it allows you to be in an environment close to the familiar in terms of home comfort, while there is no routine, typical for hotels. In Montenegro, renting an apartment is as easy as a regular hotel room. Studio can be found at a price of 40-100 euros. The price depends on the comfort. This way of accommodation in Montenegro is quite convenient, and its cost is quite affordable.

 Villas in Montenegro make a holiday something really refined, but for such a residence it is not necessary to rent a villa entirely. For example, Villa Katarina (Montenegro, Budva), Villa Angela Cat a 3, Villa Mira, Villa Jadran, Villa Wumarc, Villa Monte Royale, Villa Bel Mare, Villa Oliva, Villa Salus Cat a 3, Villa Grand Palazzo Cat Delux 4, Villa Disney, Villa Jadran Cat b, Villa Boskovic, Villa Bonita, Vile Oliva 4 * allow you to rent a great room inside with a high level of comfort, which will cost about 100 euros per night. Some villas are distinguished by a higher level of service, others are lower, so their cost varies. Every year, renting a villa in Montenegro becomes a better choice for tourists.

All-inclusive service.

 As in other resort countries, Montenegro has all-inclusive hotels. Their quality of service is on top. The rooms are equipped with telephone, TV, kitchen, shower, three meals a day. Tourists like the approach to food: smorgasbord, as well as lightened types of alcohol. Hotels with "all inclusive" system usually have not 5, but 3 stars in this country.

 Tourists are offered trips, excursions, river rafting, walks and other entertainments, as well as visa-free visits to neighboring countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Albania and Italy. Five-star hotels offer spa services, diving, wellness treatments and gyms.

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