An unforgettable holiday in Montenegro

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 Not everyone tends to spend a vacation abroad, surrounded by snow-white beaches, expensive hotels, where the emerald sea splashes and everything is saturated with Western culture. Sometimes the soul requires a romantic, exotic holiday with a Slavic atmosphere. In this case, nothing meets the aspirations more than rest in the hospitable little Montenegro. This cozy place attracts connoisseurs of ecological and inexpensive rest. In addition, you can rest here for a month without issuing a visa.

 Montenegro is a land of virgin nature, stunning mountain landscapes and picturesque plains, clear rivers and lakes, dense forests and ancient cities ... This country will remain in the heart of everyone who has ever visited it.

 As a tourist destination Montenegro began to develop relatively recently, but has already gained great popularity. Thanks to its advantages combined with reasonable prices and high-quality, but unobtrusive service, the number of people who want to rest here is growing every year.

 The locals are Slavic and friendly. They sympathize with the Russians, they understand the Russian language well, because the national language of Montenegro - Serbian-Croatian - has common Slavic roots with it.

Accommodation in Montenegro.

 The hotel service here is not very well developed, however it is not so necessary, because Montenegro is a place where the lovers of unity with nature gather. Silence and peace are an integral part of this country. Families come here for recreation with children, run away from routine work and city turmoil, dusty roads and air squeezing the lungs with toxic gases. And the prices here are pleasant to each traveler: after the holiday it will not be necessary to borrow or cut down the ration, Montenegro doesn’t demand big expenses.

 Visitors usually prefer to accommodate in villas or apartments. Cozy, warm, secluded cottages are located mainly in 100-500 meters from the beaches.

Beach rest in Montenegro.

 The climate of the Montenegrin coast is Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers. But the heat is transferred well because of the proximity of the mountains. On the coast there is ideal conditions for swimming, and beaches are some of the best in Europe. The tourist season is long and lasts 7 months - from the end of April to the end of October.

 The best resorts of Montenegro are located on the Adriatic coast and make up the so-called Budva Riviera. It is almost a 35-kilometer strip of beaches and resort towns with well-developed infrastructure. There are places for recreation to every taste: the resort of Budva is famous for its old city and lively atmosphere, in the resort of Becici tourists are awaited for a beautiful beach, water park and many villas and hotels, the quiet and picturesque resort of Petrovac is ideal for families with children.

 Of course, there are secluded beaches, which are closed from heavy wind and strong waves. They are located in small bays among steep rocks. Beaches are designed to every taste: from fine sand to artificial concrete. Moreover, for lovers of naturalness in Montenegro, there are several nude beaches. Artificial beaches are mainly located in Igalo, Bar, Tivat and Herceg Novi, i.e. in the north-west coast.

Sightseeing of Montenegro.

 In the resort towns there are many travel agencies that conduct excursions around the country, as well as to the neighboring ones. You can use the service to rent a car and travel around the country on your own, especially since the area of Montenegro is small and compact.

 Montenegro is a country of Christian churches and temples, the greatest religious shrines and relics. The most famous among them is the monastery Ostrog, a monument of the XVII century. Carved in the rock at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, it seems floating in the air. Here you can worship the relics of Montenegrin miracle-worker and healer St. Vasily Ostrozhsky.

 The cultural and historical center of the country is the city of Cetinje. Here, in addition to numerous museums, there is famous Cetinsky Monastery, which houses the relics revered by Christians - the Hand of John the Baptist and the Part of the Cross of the Lord.

 The city of Kotor can be considered a museum in the open air, as there are many medieval historical monuments, such as fortresses, churches and palaces.

Entertainment in Montenegro. National cuisine.

 Fans of extreme sports and outdoor activities will like this pastime, like rafting on the river Tara. The Canyon of the River Tara is the deepest in Europe and the second largest in the world included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is a site of wild untouched nature: here you cannot see any roads or settlements. Turquoise transparent water surrounded by rocks with bizarre outlines, steep rapids, a majestic bridge that connects both banks of the river, as well as rare plants growing on its banks, will make an unforgettable impression on nature lovers.

 Some local travel agencies organize cruises on boats on the Skadar Lake - the largest one on the Balkan Peninsula. During the walk, there are stops for swimming in the lake, and at the end of the cruise they suggest to stop for dinner at a local fish restaurant.

 The national cuisine will please guests with home-style delicious and hearty dishes. Among them, not the last place is occupied by hot meat and fish dishes from the freshest sea fish. Famous Negush cheese and prosciutto (smoked ham) are best tasted in Negushi village, where they are produced. Montenegro is a hospitable country, cafes and restaurants pleasantly surprise with large, sometimes huge portions.

In this amazing country everyone will discover something new and beautiful, because every corner of it is interesting and unique in its own way.

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