The popular resorts of Montenegro

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 Montenegro is a beautiful country, situated on the Balkan Peninsula and washed by the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. The capital of Montenegro and the largest city of the country is Podgorica.

The climate of Montenegro.

 The proximity of the Adriatic Sea determines the Mediterranean climate and only in the northern part of Montenegro it is replaced by a temperate continental climate. Summer on the coast is hot and long with a comfortable average temperature of + 25 ° C, mild winter with heavy rainfall, mainly in the form of rain, and with an average temperature of + 3-7 ° C. Summer in the mountains of Montenegro is moderately warm (+ 19-25 ° C), and the winter is cold enough (from -10 to +5 ° C).

Popular resorts in Montenegro.

 The resorts of Montenegro can be of interest to both lovers of summer and winter holidays.

 Budva is the sunniest city of Montenegro, its pearl, located in the central part of the coast. It is the main tourist center of the country. In Budva you can find everything that even the most demanding tourist wants - a huge number of restaurants, bars, night discos, casinos, sports grounds, tennis courts. In addition, there are many beautiful Orthodox and Catholic churches in Budva that believers can visit.

 Not far from Budva there is the resort of Becici with its chic beaches, which, thanks to the purest sand and clear sea, are recognized as one of the best on the European coast. The main attraction of Becici is its two-kilometer golden pebble beach, which must be visited.

 Near Budva and the famous spa town Petrovac there is another unforgettable resort of Montenegro - Sveti Stefan. This island, turned into a hotel, is connected with the shore by a narrow sand bar. Built in the 15th century by fishermen and merchants to protect against pirate attacks, and in 1960 it became a hotel, the resort offers its visitors the possibility of a secluded holiday in one of the most beautiful corners of nature.

 Nearby there is settlement and the botanical garden Milocer, which once served as a royal residence, and today has become one of the most popular resorts in Montenegro.

 Herceg Novi, named the Botanical Garden of Montenegro, boasts of an abundance and variety of flowers and vegetation. The main attraction is the Orthodox monastery Savina, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, surrounded by a coniferous forest that shelters visitors from the heat.

 For tourists who want to restore their health, the resort of Igalo, located on the Adriatic Sea, right next to the Orien mountain, will do its best. The amazing microclimate of the resort, its vegetation, healing mud, as well as world-renowned institutes of physiotherapy, Chinese medicine and beauty will not only completely relax and enjoy your rest, but also become healthier.

 In addition to coastal cities, during summer time tourists can go to the central part of Montenegro, where the largest and most diverse National Parks are located. One of these places is quiet and cozy town of Zabljak, located at the foot of Bobot Kuk Mount. It literally dives into the greenery of the Durmitor mountain range, which includes 27 mountain peaks, 784 mountain springs and 18 clearest mountain lakes. Ideal conditions have been created here to enjoy the most beautiful pristine nature, tranquility and pure mountain air.

Guests who prefer active winter recreation, snow-capped mountains and cold, may choose Kolasin and Zabljak - resort centers of Alpine skiing in Montenegro. The zone of the winter ski resort Kolasin 1450 is located in the mountains of Kljuc, Vuce and Sinjajevina, located in the forests of the National Park Biogradska Gora. The length of the slopes is more than 15 kilometers of ski tracks, along which you can make unforgettable day and night walks. Zabljak is a ski resort located at the foot of the Durmitor mountain range. The resort is known for three slopes, which differ in the degree of difficulty: Savin Kuk, Stuc, Javoravaca. In total, there are 12 tracks in Zabljak - both for experienced professionals and for children, which will allow the whole family not only to do sports, but also enjoy the purest nature of Montenegro.


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