What souvenirs to bring from Montenegro?

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 Montenegro is a small state in Europe, which is located on the Adriatic coast. The state is famous for its numerous resorts. Today, this Balkan country is one of the most popular resort zones in the world. In addition, for citizens of Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, there is a visa-free entry, that is annually used by a huge number of people.

 In this article we are going to tell you what gifts you can buy in Montenegro, what you can take along to remember or what souvenir to bring to friends and relatives.

 To facilitate the task, let’s divide the entire list of presents into certain categories. In the first category of gifts we will class popular with tourists, the so-called "Liquid" souvenirs. Montenegro is famous for its home-made wine and local fruit vodka, which is called rakija. In addition, among drinks, popular with tourists, are herbal and nutty tinctures. Any of the drinks can be purchased in a souvenir or in a beautiful gift box.

 The next category will be "Gastronomic Gifts". On a special account there are traditional Montenegrin dishes, which can be brought as a gift, or as a pleasant memory of the rest. A popular Montenegrin smoked ham is a prosciutto prepared according to a special method, passed from generation to generation for several centuries. Wonderful pickled olives of own production and olive oil, not inferior to taste and quality of the Greek or Italian product. Tourists do not forget to bring from Montenegro grape vinegar, which cannot be bought anywhere else. Another attraction of Montenegrin cuisine is home-made peasant cheese with a specific taste.

 Such souvenirs, of course, are valuable, but, unfortunately, they are of very short-term. For those who want to buy something for a long memory, there is a huge selection of traditional national or religious goods not related to food or drinks.

 The main souvenir, bought by tourists from Montenegro is national round cap - "kapa". Kapa has its logical interpretation. The black belt expresses grief over the once great grandeur of Serbia, five golden stripes symbolize five hundred years under the Ottoman yoke, red color is the color of blood shed in the struggle for liberation.

 The main state religion of Montenegro is Orthodoxy. The people here are deeply religious, therefore in the country there is a lot of churches, monasteries and temples. Practically near every church there is a shop where, as a gift, you can buy an icon, a chain with a cross or a brojanica - a consecrated bracelet (a special kind of rosary) woven from sheep's wool and connected in a ring, which reminds people that we are all only the lambs of the Lord. Each knot of the brojanica consists of seven intersections of threads - seven crosses. The small brojanica has 33 knots according to the number of years of Christ's earthly life and it is worn, as a rule, on the wrist of the left arm in the form of a bracelet. During prayer, brojanica is taken off and held in the left hand, the cross sign is made with the right hand. In long brojanicas there are 50, 100 or 300 knots, they are used in the same way as ordinary rosaries.

 In Montenegro, every city has a huge number of souvenir stalls and shops, where you can find any thing to your taste. There are also all kinds of magnets with images and outlines of the borders of both the country itself and its individual cities; Various mugs with photos of attractions, cups and tea sets; pens, lighters, t-shirts, gift sets and much more ...

 Visiting and walking around Montenegro, it is necessary to take along a camera. Some brought goods can be eaten or drunk, others can be given to friends and acquaintances, and only photos will become an unforgettable memory of a trip to an amazing country.


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