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Prices in Montenegro. How much should one take on the trip?​

Montenegro is rightly considered a worthy alternative to Turkey, Egypt and many other resort countries of Europe, after all, having gone on a trip to this mountainous country on the Adriatic coast, you can get a lot of positive emotions without serious expenses. In this article we will tell you about the prices for housing, food, cafes and restaurants, for all kinds of entertainment and excursions, beaches, transportation and much more.

What is the currency in Montenegro?

In this resort country there is no national currency, but do not think that local entrepreneurs will be delighted by Russian rubles. Here, in recent years, the population prefers the euro and only the euro. No German marks, English pounds or American dollars. Therefore, in order not to get into an unpleasant situation, making purchases, you need to visit the exchange office at home or already in Montenegro in advance. In Montenegro, there are no significant leaps in the foreign exchange market, so the prices here will not change significantly during the period of your stay on vacation.

How much money to take?

This, perhaps, is the first and most important question that every traveler aspiring to leave for an unfamiliar country asks themselves. The amount that can be needed in Montenegro entirely depends on the needs and wishes of the tourist. Someone prefers to move around in a limousine, but someone is satisfied with the services of public transport. For someone to eat breakfast wildly, if on the table there is no expensive French wine, but someone is quite content with fried eggs, a slice of black bread and a cup of green tea. As they say, "Tastes differ."

If you approach this issue in an economical position, the amount that will be required to fully relax in this mountain resort country, while not infringing on your desires, should be calculated as follows: 70-80 euros / day per person with accommodation, food and entertainment.

Consequently, a week in Montenegro will come out for one person about 500 €, and two weeks - 1000 €. Fit into these figures, or take more is a personal matter. But, in order to have a better idea of costs, consider below all the possible points that they imply.

Prices for accommodation.​

The amount that will have to be spent on housing depends on its type, as well as on the city in which you supposed to stay during the rest. In Budva and Kotor, for example, prices are slightly higher than in cities such as Bar, Tivat, Herceg Novi or Ulcinj. Also, it is worth noting the fact that the cost of living in Montenegro depends on the season. In summer, when tourists literally flood the streets of Montenegro, local people almost double their prices. Consider the possible options for accommodation, as well as their cost:

 1. Number in the hotel.
The quality of rooms in hotels in Montenegro is no different from what can be observed in Turkey or Egypt, which cannot be said about the service. Being settled in a hotel, you can forget about "all inclusive". In other words, eating, sightseeing, visiting water parks and swimming pools imply constant costs. If you approach the issue more selectively, then some kind of "All-inclusive" can still be found. The payment can include breakfast and dinner, a swimming pool and even a beauty salon. The cost of rooms in hotels in Montenegro can be up to 100 euros / day in low season and up to 400 euro / day in the high season. You can find out the exact price and reserve a hotel room for specific dates on the pages of our website, as well as with our partner - the company Booking.

 2. Private apartments.
This is the most common type of rental housing in Montenegro, as it is one of the most budgetary. Many owners of private houses that are located both in the city and outside it are not averse to making extra money on extra squares, and for a fee rent out free rooms to tourists. As a rule, apartments can have not only a bedroom and a living room, but also a kitchen. The cost of such accommodation is from 30 to 100 euros/day, and sometimes more. It is worth noting that more economical options, of course, imply worse living conditions.

 3. Apartment.
For many tourists, the best option is to rent an apartment. However, such a pleasure is a little more expensive than a private apartment or hotel room. If you rent a one-room apartment of a small area and without luxury elements, then it will cost about 40-50 euros per day. Large sizes of living space, as well as the presence of a chic interior will be 100-150 euros (or even more). When renting an apartment, it is important to remember that in the summer season local residents prefer to rent out their squares on days. In autumn, winter and early spring, the procedure for renting housing can be carried out for a long period of time - for 1 year or for several months before the start of the season. In this case, the price of renting an apartment per month will be about 200-300 euros per month (depending on the city).

 4. Country house / villa.
More wealthy tourists do not want to huddle in a close hotel room or a rented apartment. Their choice is a villa, located outside the city, and includes all amenities. The most budget option for such a stay in Montenegro will be a small house, for which the owner will ask about 150-200 euros.

For those who want to rent an apartment, flat or a country house, you need to take into account such a moment as “utility services”. The price for them, as a rule, is not paid in the total amount and represents separate costs. The cost of water, electricity and Internet services can be 50-70 euros per month.

Payment for the services of a realtor.

Most of the transactions between tourists and landlords take place with the participation of intermediaries. And realtors pinch themselves a considerable piece from the pie - their fee is 1/3 of the rent. Those. if you find on the Internet or directly "on arrival" an apartment for 560 euros through a specialist in this area, then its share will be about 160 euros. If you find a way to carry out the operation of renting the same apartment without a realtor, then the cost will not be more than 380 euros (it is possible that the account will include utility services).

How to choose an accommodation?

Let's return to the question of mediation when renting a house. As could be emphasized from the above, the percentage that is allocated to a third party for the search for an apartment and settling in it is a considerable amount. But is it possible to handle this operation without a realtor? As practice shows, people who have a rest in Montenegro for the first time spend on searches of habitation from 2 to 4 days. Naturally, in order not to waste time, many choose to spend extra money. In order for both of them to undergo reduction, there is the best option, how to choose a home in Montenegro. First, you can use all sorts of applications - directories to find housing, and secondly, visit various specialized groups on social networks Facebook or Vkontakte.

Special applications allow you to find and book apartments even before departure to a foreign country. They’ve collected all the possible options, which can only be in the populated locality. With the help of a filter, you can search for housing that will meet all the requirements of the tourist. An example of such a service can be:, and other applications that allow you to find a suitable apartment, villa or place in the guest house without spending money on the services of a realtor.

What type of housing to choose and in which city, when going to Montenegro is a private matter for every traveller. It will be a modest apartment in the city, or a chic villa a few kilometers from the sea on top of the mountain. However, it is worth remembering that in addition to the basic cost of renting a tourist will have to incur additional costs, which we will discuss below.

Tourist tax.

For those who want to rest in Montenegro, it is important to take into account the fact that every day of stay in this country means a tourist fee - an obligatory fee charged to tourists. The amount of this payment depends on the region and ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 euros per day. If the check-in takes place at the hotel, then the tourist fee is already included in the basic amount. In the case of renting a separate apartment, it is carried out by the owner of the apartment. When concluding a lease, it is important to clarify this point.

Although such a phenomenon as a tourist fee and causes discontent of some tourists, there is also a positive side of rest in Montenegro - the absence of a visa. Do not have to queue up at the embassies and other departments. The free stamp is put to Russians for 90 days. For residents of Belarus, the possible length of stay is much less - 30 days.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Montenegro.

Montenegro is a country situated on the very shore of the Adriatic Sea. It would seem that in this region, as well as in other coastal areas, low prices for seafood should prevail, and overpriced is meat in shops. But the paradox is that the opposite is true. The inhabitants of Montenegro are obsessive meat-eaters and, accordingly, the prices for meat and meat products do not pose a serious cost. As for fish and seafood, for those who want to save on travel, it is better to refrain from buying them. In order to calculate the average cost of a visit in a cafe, you need to determine the time of the visit:
  • Breakfast - from 3 Euros
  • Lunch - from 5 euros
  • Dinner - from 10 Euros

As you can see, the evening time for local entrepreneurs is favorable for raising prices. It should also be noted that the above price does not include a fee for drinks. For economical tourists, the optimal variant of the contents in the glass will be water, as the price for a bottle of still water will be about 1 euro per 0.5 liters. (if with gas, then 1.5 euros). As for other types of drinks, the price for them is calculated as follows:
  • Tea - up to 1 euro
  • Coffee - from 2.5 euros
  • Wine - from 2 euros per 0.5 liters.
  • Beer - from 1 euro
  • Soda - from 1.30 euros

As for strong drinks, their cost depends on the establishment. It can be both suspiciously low and unusually high. In any case, from the use of this type of beverages abroad it is best to abstain, or to buy a couple of bottles in "Duty Free" in advance.

In order not to incur serious costs, it is best to visit institutions that are away from the tourism sector and beaches, which involve large gatherings of tourists. The optimal option will be the places where the locals eat - the so-called fast food.

In order to organize a dinner at home, where the main dish is a well-fried steak, then do not use the services of restaurants. In the settlements of Montenegro, there are a lot of "ribarnica" and "mesara" - institutions like "Grill", where you can buy and fry a juicy piece of beef or fish at a bargain price. Within the city, as well as beyond, there are many points of "fast food", offering to taste delicious dishes of meat:
  • Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Chevapi
  • Gyros
  • Chicken batak in lepine (chicken fillet in a flat cake)

Such a snack will prove to be very useful for a tourist, who values every minute of stay, and who does not want to stay in the institution for a long time. The cost of "fast food" is from 2 to 5 euros. Mussels, fried on a grill, will cost 10 euros.

When choosing a restaurant and wishing to save, you need to focus on the sign "Complex menu". It includes:
  • Hot dish
  • Main course (includes meat)
  • Salad

This meal is enough to saturate, and will cost only 5 - 10 euros. Also, to refrain from high costs, you should ask the waiters which dish is already ready. In places where local people eat, there are always inexpensive menu items that make up no more than 5 euros:
  • Cabbage rolls
  • Goulash
  • Chicken fillet
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Stuffed pepper

These and many other positions can be found in the section "Gotova Jela", which is available in the menu of every decent institution.

For those who crave to taste local dishes from seafood, and will not spare money for this, an excellent option will be the institutions on the beach. Before choosing one of them, you should definitely ask the local about its quality, as well as the schedule of work. The last moment is especially important, as restaurants and cafes, working exclusively in the season of tourists, have a poor quality of service. The same goes for the qualifications of the cooks there.

With a good choice of places for a tourist, you can taste delicious dishes prepared by culinary professionals from octopus, mussels, shrimps, squid and various rare species of fish. Approximate price for a dish of fish will be from 25 to 60 euros. Despite the impressive amount, it's worth it. Portion will be voluminous, and the taste of its contents is unique. Lower costs represent dishes:
  • Mussels in sauce - about 10 euros
  • Salad of octopus - 12 euros
  • Shrimps cooked on the grill - about 20 euros
  • Risotto - about 8 euros
  • Sea delicacies - 30 euros for 0.5 kg

Despite the location of Montenegro (and, as already mentioned, it is located on the coast), a dish of the grandees of the local cuisine are meat dishes. Therefore, for those who want to get acquainted with the "real Montenegrin cuisine" is not recommended to spend money on the coast, and it is better to go to a restaurant in the north of the country, and try a masterpiece of local cooking for only 16-20 euros.

How much will cost go shopping for groceries?​

Why should we consume dishes in institutions, when it is possible to prepare it yourself, while considerably saving money? Reasonable question, which reflects an equally acceptable approach to living in Montenegro for those who prefer a separate apartment instead of a hotel room. Dishes of own preparation will allow to cut down expenses for a food in some times. In Montenegro, there are many chain stores that allow you to purchase products at very low prices:

• Aroma
• Mega Market
• Voli
• Idea
• HDL 365
and many others.

The difference in price tags is not significant for them (the price difference between the positions does not exceed 10%), but on different types of goods in each store they constantly give good discounts. Also it is worth remembering that during the season of tourists the cost of products in many stall is increasing. Especially it concerns oil, confectionery products, spirits, meat and essentials. Vegetables and fruits on the contrary - closer to summer are characterized by a low price.

To orient better in the cost of one basket per person, consider the average prices for the most requested goods:
  • Cheese - from 2 to 15 euros (depending on the type)
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes - 0,6 euro (per kg)
  • Potatoes - 0.5 euros
  • Greenery - up to 2 euros
  • Berries (strawberries, cherries) - from 2 to 3 euros
  • Confectionery products - from 10 euros per kg.
  • Cake - 1 euro per piece
  • Bread - 0.5 euros
  • Chicken (whole) - 3,5 euro / kg.
  • Chicken (fillet) - 6 euro / kg.
  • Beef - 5 euro per kg.
  • Fish - from 8 euros
  • Squids - from 8 euros
  • Milk - about 1 euro per liter
  • Sour-milk products - from 1 euro per 0.5 liters
  • Pasta - from 1 euro per packing
  • Coffee - from 4 euro per packing
  • Tea - from 2 euro per packing
Цены на продукты в Черногории
To the last two positions - tea and coffee - should be given special attention. Coffee in Montenegro is of high quality, but on the windows you can find only milling type "powder". The product of ordinary grinding can be found only in one place - "Mega Market". As for tea, there is a problem with this country. The only similarity of tea taste can be felt by purchasing a package for 4 euros and above. Lower cost means his complete absence.

Prices for fruits in Montenegro:
  • Grapes - 2-4 Euro per kg (depending on the type),
  • Strawberry - about 1.5-2.5 euros per kilogram,
  • Cherry - 2-3 euros per kg,
  • Peaches - about 2 euro per kg,
  • Bananas - about 1.5 euro / kg,
  • Oranges - 1-2 euro / kg,
  • Apples - 0.5-3 euros per kg. (depending on the type),
  • Pears - 2-3 euros per kg. (depending on the type),
  • Pineapple - 1.5-2 euro / kg,
  • Nectarines - 2 euro / kg,
  • Watermelon - about 1 euro per kg,
  • Apricots - 1-2 euro / kg,
  • Kiwi fruit - 2-2.5 euro / kg,
  • Pomegranate- 2 euro / kg,
  • Figs - 3 euro / kg,
  • Plums - 3-5 euros per kg
Цены на фрукты и овощи в Черногории

Prices for vegetables in Montenegro:​
  • Tomatoes - 0.5-2 euro per kg (depending on the type),
  • Cherry tomatoes - about 3.5 euros per packing,
  • Cucumbers - 0.5-1.5 euro per kg,
  • Pepper - 1-3 euros per kg (depending on the type),
  • Carrots - 0.8 euros per kg,
  • Cabbage - 0.4 euros per kg,
  • Red cabbage - about 1.5 euros per kg,
  • Onion - 0.5 euro per kg,
  • Leek - 1-1.5 euro per kg,
  • Garlic - 5 euro per kg,
  • Potatoes - 0.3-1 euro per kg,
  • Zucchini - 0.5 euro per kg,
  • Squash - about 2 euro per kg,
  • Beets - 0.7 euro per kg,
  • Lettuce leaves (Iceberg) - 1-2 euros per kg,

Alcoholic products in Montenegro:
  • Beer - from 0,6 euro per bottle
  • Wine - from 3 euro per bottle

Cigarettes in Montenegro can be bought at a price of 2 euros.

With essentials, the situation is as follows:
  • Toothpaste - from 1 euro
  • Washing powder - from 1.5 euros
  • Shampoo - from 3 euros
  • Skin cream - from 5 euros
  • Toilet paper - 0,2 euros

In order not to spend money on goods of this type, the best option is to grab everything you need with you.

Why is the "market" option is not an option?

Many argue that large costs for products can be avoided if you make purchases on the market. Allegedly, vegetables and fruits, in this place, are solled at a low price. Unfortunately, this is not true. Otherwise, market rows would be filled not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Particularly reinforced by the above misconception of the assurance of local merchants, consisting in the fact that all the products laid out in the window, sprout and collected from private gardens. In fact, 90% of the goods are purchased at a low price in supermarkets, or at suburban wholesale dopot.

If, however, there is a desire to compare the quality, and buy vegetables, fruits or berries on the market, it is important to remember:
  • Price lists are not available, and bargaining is necessary
  • The product can be tasted, but do not abuse the seller's favour

For those who do not want to conduct this type of analysis, advice from experienced tourists - buy food in supermarkets!

Pharmacies and medical care in Montenegro.​

In this country, there is a special approach to pharmacy customers. There is a feeling that the pharmacist wants to become, if not a friend, then a personal psychotherapist. Before selling that or another drug, they will ask a lot of questions, repeatedly smile and several more times to clarify something.

All pharmacies in the country can be divided into three classes:
  • Pharmacies for tourists - a small number of positions and unusually high prices.
  • Pharmacies for local - a wide range and prices are lower.
  • State pharmacies, in which the state controls the availability of drugs and prices for them.

Naturally, it is not difficult to find pharmacies of the first class - they are in the tourist sectors. In residential neighborhoods, pharmaceutical institutions for the local contingent were hiding. And where to find a pharmacy of the third class is a special issue. And even a local resident cannot always answer it.

As for the prices for medicines, there is a small paradox - the drugs of the simplest purpose (such as pain killer or anti-inflammatory) are more expensive than in Russia. For example:
  • Analgin - from 3 euros
  • Activated carbon - from 4 euros
  • Citramon - 1 euro

For treatment for which in the Russian Federation it is necessary to pay a tidy sum (the European manufacturer), here, all is much easier - they cost twice cheaper, rather than at home.
Urgent medical care, if necessary, is of high quality, but for money. The cost of one or another service depends on its type of complexity. If you have a "health book", which is issued with the getting of "borawak" (right for residence), then medical services are provided free of charge. But it is unlikely that a Russian tourist will find any of these documents.

Excursions in Montenegro

Visiting local attractions is an integral part of any vacation. In order to find a suitable excursion, you need:

1. To contact the guide (if the rest is from the tour operator).
2. Purchase a tour from local guides (they are found at every corner of the tourism sector).
3. Take advantage of our services and find a suitable excursion tour.

To have a better idea of the cost of excursions, we will give an example of the most popular tours with prices:

 • Kotor - about 15 euros
 • Visiting the Bay of Kotor - 25 euros
 • Sightseeing tour - 30 euros
 • Visit to Durmitor Park - about EUR 45

It is worth noting that in each city of Montenegro the prices for group excursions are the same for all companies, so when choosing a tour, pay special attention to certain important points: bus, excursion language, route, guide, place of gathering, etc.

Many tourists enjoy a great opportunity, and visit nearby countries: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia. The road to the neighboring Balkan states will not take more than 4-6 hours, and within them you can visit a lot of sights, talk with interesting people, and make a lot of high-quality and bright photographs. All this will not be difficult for the tourist, but they must be prepared that these countries have their own, national currency.


In winter time, many tourists prefer to spend time at the ski resorts: Kolasin, Zabljak, Lovchen, Vučje. These are unusually beautiful places with steep slopes and high rises.

In the warmer months, the choice of guests of Montenegro, who prefer active recreation, is diving (places that specialize in learning to dive in this country more than enough), as well as rafting, the most suitable place for which is the Tara river. In addition, on the pages of our site there is a huge number of places for practicing all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

For the night time entertainment such popular places for recreation and entertainment as: "Maximus" Casino, "Castello" Club, Beach Club Duklej Night Club, "Avala" Casino, etc. are suitable. Not all the entertaining institutions and night bars of Montenegro are listed. A suitable place where you can spend the night, and get a lot of positive emotions will allow our guide on the site.

Transport in Montenegro.

Moving on foot bothers even when leaving the plane, so it is not surprising that tourists ask the question "How to get from one place to another?". We answer, it is possible in several ways: 
Traveling on the roads of Montenegro will be a real treat for every tourist. The roads are smooth, pedestrians brought up, and drivers of oncoming cars are courteous. Here there is a "peculiar" method of driving, to which it will be necessary to get used, as local residents periodically violate the rules of the road.

The price for renting a car depends on the class and power of the engine: a small car will come out at 30-40 euros, and renting a jeep or convertible will be about 50-70 euros / day. It is worth remembering that in the high season prices for car rental are doubled. The cost of gasoline represents a special cost for tourists - from 0.6 to 1.15 euros per liter.

An alternative to moving by car is a public transport. Local buses take passengers from the stops exactly on time, they are always in good condition, and the fare is from 1 to 6 euros. Many tourists travelling to nearby cities and countries prefer this option. Moreover, the quality of local public transport differs significantly from ours.

In case of urgent need, you can use the taxi service. The price for the trip depends on the taxi fleet and the host city and is, as a rule, 0.8 - 1 € for seat + 0.5 - 1 € per 1 kilometer of the way. Also it is worth considering that in the season, taxi prices are going up 2 times.

In this article, we tried to tell you about all the pricing in certain areas of life in Montenegro, as well as the cost of the holiday in this country. If you have something to add or you know how else you can save in Montenegro, then tell us about it through the feedback form or send a letter to the e-mail address, and after verification we will publish this information on the site and in the applicatio Guide around Montenegro/ Way to Montenegro.

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