Skadar Lake or Shkodra lake

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Skadar Lake or Shkodra lake (Skadarko jezero) is one of the national parks and the main sightseeing of Montenegro. It is the largest lake at Balkan Peninsula, divided between two countries Montenegro and Albania. It impresses with its size and beauty. The biggest part of the lake belongs to Montenegro, which consists 2/3 of the lake Skadar. Lake was declared a national park in 1983.

Most authors agree that the Skadar Lake basin is of tectonic origin which had been formed due to the complex folding and faulting. According to different sources, the period of lake formation dated from the creation and till 65 million years ago. Previously, lake was a bay of the Adriatic sea and now it is divided by alluvial neck. Alimentation of lake is realized at the expanse of 6 rivers, the biggest among them are Morača and Crnojevića. It falls into Bojana river near the city of Shkodër in northern Albania.

On an average, the total area of lake is 475 km2, in case of drought season it decreases 390 km2 and increases 523 km2 in winter season.Certainly, it is not the biggest lake in Europe, but it is included to 15 biggest European lakes, taking the 13th position. Sailing over the lake, one can see white water lily blossom in huge flush, nuphar lutea and colonies of water chestnut or ling (sometimes it is slipped during the excursion and you can try it).

Lifehack: If you want to catch maximum quantity of white water lily, visit lake from the end of May till the mid of July. The scene you witness will definitely impress you.

It is abundant in fresh-water fish, among them are carp, eel, trout and others. You can try these same tree species of fish at any restaurant near the shore of Skadar lake.

Also Skadar lake becomes habitat for birds in winter season, for example for gannets. In summer you can see egret, duck, seagull and black ibis. There are about 220 bird species in total inhabiting this lake. Skadar Lake also hides numerous acting monasteries and churches distributed by the islands. Among them are Vranjina, Starčeva, Beška, Moračnik.

How to get?

If you plan your trip by car, the best option is to reach the village Virpazar. If you organize your personal excursion, this place has the cheapest boat rent. Also there are comfortable fish restaurants.

Lifahack:  It is not necessary to buy an excursion to experience all sorts of emotions from visiting the National park Skadar Lake. You can get to the lake by public transport, by taxi or a car and rent a private boat. You will be shown special places and quiet corners of the lake. Just local fishermen know every corner of this huge lake.

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