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One of the most frightening and creepy places on Earth is a small lake located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan, which was nicknamed the Dead Lake. There are many legends associated with this mysterious place. People living nearby are convinced that something inexplicable is happening at the bottom and bank of this reservoir.

1. One of the main factors that makes the lake dead is its toxic and poisonous water. Living organisms, neither plants nor animals can live in this water. After swimming in the water, many people developed itching and redness. Because of this, people began to fear the water in this lake.

2. The water temperature in the Dead Lake always ranges from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, even in summer. For the steppe area where the lake is located, this is amazing. Many tourists are surprised, because the lake is always full, and still has not dried up. From a scientific point of view, we can assume that, perhaps, this is all the action of ancient glaciers. Scientists claim that the lake is in the funnel of a moraine deposit unknown to science, and because of this, all its mystical properties are manifested.

3. The length of the Dead Lake is approximately 102 meters, and the width is approximately 65 meters. The depth of this water object has not yet been established. According to general data, the lake either has no bottom, or scientists have still not reached it. Even the most experienced divers can not stand under water longer than 5 minutes. For unknown reasons, the researchers begin to choke. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the water is too salty, and its density is much higher than the density of ordinary water.

4. Dead Lake is one of the most mystical places on Earth. Thу ill popularity of the lake attracts tourists from Russia, Ukraine and even China. Every year, for unknown reasons, a huge number of people are drowning in the Kazakhstan lake. Even the most skilled swimmers, professionally engaged in swimming, drown without any reason. A small number of already dead bodies float to the surface. Most of the drowned are found with their eyes open. But, the lion's share of corpses disappears without a trace. They rest on the bottom of the lake vertically, with their eyes open, but this has not been confirmed. Also, people disappear near a strange lake. They are found unconscious, and they do not remember anything that happened to them.

5. According to the stories of local residents, at the late time of the day, human cries are heard over the waters of the Dead Lake. According to eyewitnesses, the situation there is really eerie and frightening. Some people who had been there at least once lost their minds, and after some time began to argue that they should not go to the reservoir at all, because, thus, the parishioners were disturbed by the spirit of the lake. This is true, and scientists were able to find a logical explanation for this phenomenon. It's all about a small bacterium that produces hydrogen sulfide. In large quantities, this substance affects the human brain, and can cause hallucinations.

Kazakhstan is the epicenter of mysticism, mysteries and secrets. Dead lake is just a drop in the bucket, compared to the whole puzzle of secrets and inexplicable events taking place in this country. Every traveler should be mindful of safety and caution near places like Dead Lake.
Image by Mille Milton from Pixabay

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