The Old Town Budva

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Once we find ourselves in any Montenegrin town for the first time, we start walking around its old part, because all history and the most interesting are here. Today we have a walk around Budva.

Belfry of the St. Ivan's church is the highest building in Old Budva and is seen from a distance. Walking along the quay toward the port, you will run into a defensive wall.  

Today, it is difficult to believe that in the beginning of 20th century, the whole Budva was located behind this wall. Entering inside through the one out of five gates, you will find yourself in a tangle of narrow streets. Practically all buildings are inhabited. There are private apartments and small hotels. Cafes, shops and bakers are on the first floor always. In 1979 the town had suffered seriously from earthquake. But it was reconstructed completely as it was built by the Venetians. Now it is a typical example of Mediterranean Venetian architecture.

There are some nice museums in Old Budva. For example, at the Archaeological museum, there is an amazing detailed collection of items of various epochs, which were found during local excavation. Everything is there, ancient amphoras barnacle-encrusted, arming, golden jewels and household items. The most impressive is the collection of vessels made from the very finest colored glass of the 1-3 centuries. We never did find out, how in heaven's name this beauty came down to us. Next to the entrance to the Archaeological museum, there is a door leading to a small patio with junk market working every day. Here, amidst real Chinese junk, one can find real heavy duty: ancient cameo and amber brooch, carved jewel-case, manual coffee-grinder and ceramic figures. When reaching the citadel, the heaviest part of the wall, it is a must go inside. It is allowed for a small fee.  Come over to a tiny Maritime museum (there is just one room with models of the legendary ships) and a library (a spacious room with brick walls, forged chandelier and a very strange collection of books: from old German index medicus to Lenin's collection of letters). Here, on the territory of the citadel one can get to City wall by a narrow steep staircase. The view from here is panoramic of the sea and Budva.

There are some churches in Old Budva: St. Ivan's Catholic temple dated 7th century (the very same with a tall active belfry), St. Maria's Catholic

Church dated 840 year (now no ministers here), active Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity dated 19th century.

In summer, the performances are held within the framework of the festival "Grad Teatar" on the square next to the Holy Trinity Church. As a rule, during season many cultural events are held in Old Budva: festivals, exhibitions, concerts.

Hundreds of writers and poets are gathering  together on the main square of Old town and arrange literary fete. This place is entitled precisely - Poet's square. Clumsy stone blocks are installed here, which are actually a chair and a table for litterateurs making speech. By summer evenings, Old Budva becomes the center of life: bars and restaurants, located against the defensive wall, get filled with thousands of people various nationalities and age. But on the tick of 01:00a.m., city gets off to sleep: a loud music is switched off and those who are willing to have more fun, go to the clubs. And such Old town becomes the nicest place for a night walk.

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