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Sveti Stefan, Budva
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St. Stephen Island (Sveti Stefan) is an island-hotel and a deluxe resort (of the highest category), located a few kilometers from the tourist center of Montenegro - the city of Budva. The island is connected with the shore by a narrow sandy isthmus and is a "visiting card of Montenegro". Panoramic view, opening from the observation deck near the restaurant - hotel Adrovic on the island of Sveti Stefan, the boundless Adriatic Sea and the coast of Montenegro is one of the most iconic and famous in the world and widely spread on tourist postcards in Montenegro.
History of the island

The legend of the island of St. Stephen says that local residents, pashtrovichi, returning home after a joint victory with the Kotor citizens over the Turks, besieged Kotor, saw Ottoman ships near the Jaz beach close to the Old Town of Budva. Having destroyed them, the pashtrovichi took possession of a considerable quantity of trophies and decided to build a fortress on these funds, which was done in 1442. The name was given to it by the name of the church dedicated to Stephen Protomartyr, built on the island first. Later, especially during the days of the Venetian Republic, Sveti Stefan was an important trade center and transport hub, that chronicles confirm. About 200 years ago there were 100 houses, three churches and more than 400 residents, but in a century because of another economic crisis, the island city began to decline and was abandoned by the fishermen settled it at that time.

In 1955, the authorities decided to rebuild the island of Sveti Stefan radically and create here a unique natural complex of the Adriatic and the Balkans. By that time, there were only 20 people living on the island, and the issue of their resettlement to the mainland was solved without problems. During the reconstruction, the external appearance of the old buildings, which now are about 80, was not damaged. After the creation of the hotel on its island, its guests have been the world stars of show business, actors, athletes and other famous people from all over the world.

The island-hotel Sveti Stefan provides its guests with a unique opportunity for a secluded holiday in a beautiful corner of the nature. The hotel is designed as a very quiet, calm and closed from prying eyes place. Saint Stefan is an exclusive holiday destination, which has no analogues in the world and was visited by many famous people: the English Queen Elizabeth II, the Dutch Queen Cristina and the former King of Spain Umberto II of Savoy, as well as the famous actors Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Richard Widmark, Sylvester Stallone, famous writers Andre Maurois and Albert Moravi, the model Claudia Schiffer. The island-hotel consists of 80 separate houses, there are 16 deluxe rooms and the world-famous villa No. 188, in which Sophia Loren and Kirk Douglas, Indus Ira Gandhi and Robert McNamara, Gina Lolobrigida and Richard Burton, and even Leonid Brezhnev spent holidays at different times.

Sophia Loren at island of Sveti Stefan St Stefan
Sophia Loren at island of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

On the island, in addition to the church of St. Stephen, which is located on the most elevated part of the island, there is also the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord with an ancient mosaic on the facade depicting the Virgin Mary with Jesus, and the latest church of Alexander Nevsky, built in 1940. To date, Sveti Stefan island, as well as Villa Miločer, located in a park near the island, is a single hotel complex, which is managed by the Aman resorts hotel network and is called Aman Sveti Stefan. Visiting the island is possible only for hotel guests on the island or when booking a table in a restaurant. At various times on this island, celebrities from all over the world and representatives of royal families rested.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro in 1965-1975 years and in 2017
Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro in 1965-1975 years and in 2017.

On the mainland in front of the island on both sides of the isthmus leading to it, there are beautiful sandy beaches of high price category. Above the island is the eponymous settlement, the price of accommodation in the apartments is also quite high. Beaches near St. Stefan are divided into the public on the left side with a rental of sun loungers and private, on the right side, intended only for hotel guests.

Пляж Свети Стефан

Near the island is the Queen´s BeachBeach Milocer and Villa Milocher (Villa Miloćer). It is located in the beautiful public botanical park of Milocer, near the town of the same name. Previously, this villa was the summer residence of the ruling Karadordevic dynasty. In the 1930s, it became the summer residence of King Nikola, and already in the days of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito rested here. Currently, "Milocer" is the official holiday destination of the President of Montenegro, respectively, the rest here is not cheap. Surrounded by pine forest, this truly chic resort is famous primarily for its beach.

The Queen's beach, 120 meters long, was named due to the fact that it appealed to Maria Karadordevic in a special way. It is located in a small picturesque bay and is considered the best on the Budva Riviera. Unfortunately, only guests of the hotel can enjoy it - this is the only closed beach on the Montenegrin coast.

Near the Queen’s beach there is beach Milocer. It stretches for almost 300 m, is in a park zone and is surrounded by exotic plant species, among which there are Lebanese cedar, Japanese medlar, various kinds of cactus and tropical mimosa. On this beach can accommodate both hotel guests and all comers, paying an unreasonably high fee for two beds and an umbrella.

Beach Milocer in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Island is a unique creation of nature and human hands, attracting travelers from all over the world. A small island built up with houses with bright tiled roofs and a connected with the mainland marrow isthmus is a visiting card of Montenegro.

How to get to St. Stephen Island?

There are several ways to get to Sveti Stefan Island:

 • on foot: the road to the island of Sveti Stefan lies along the Budva embankment, through the tunnel to Becici village then to Rafailovici, Kamenovo beach, Milocer park and only after it the long-awaited island (about 1.5-2 hours);
 • By public transport: a bus or "shuttle bus" to St. Stephen Island runs every 15 minutes. From Budva, Becici or Rafailovici;
 • on your own or rented car;
 • book an excursion to the island;
 • by boat from the embankment of Budva, Bar, Sutomore, Petrovac and other coastal cities of Montenegro (price is 3-5 euros).

Why is St. Stephen's Island in Montenegro worth visiting?

Very quickly developed island infrastructure can surprise any visitor: there are not only comfortable hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes, but also beauty salons, shopping and entertainment center and even an art gallery. But above all, the island is equipped for a beach holiday: you can sunbathe on the pinkish sand, have a go at diving or go out to the open sea on a rented yacht. Among entertainment on the island, there are also offered a variety of excursions to the sights of Montenegro itself, as well as to Albania, Italy and Croatia.

All these pleasures are quite expensive - from two thousand euros per night - so the island is especially popular with wealthy tourists and celebrities. Such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, Sofi Loren, Kirk Douglas, and even members of the British royal family rested there. It's not just luxury: the island resort is closed, which means that those who do not rent apartment here, cannot stay on the territory of Sveti Stephen (excursions permitted). Thus, this resort can provide not only qualitative service and comfort, but also a certain privacy. Those who are eager to see the island without such large expenses, can try to order a table in one of the restaurants on the island.

The island of St. Stephen is a anthem to the luxury holiday by the sea in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which is worth, if not renting the room, but at least going there on excursion to touch the history.

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